Indian Navy Eyesight requirements and LASIK surgery details

When it comes to the Indian Navy, physical and medical standards are given much importance. Things like height requirement and eyesight requirement have to be satisfied by a candidate, if he/she wants to get selected! But when it comes to the SSC (Short Service Commission) Entry mode, certain relaxations regarding eyesight requirement are give. LASIK surgery is allowed in case of SSC entry. But this relaxation is not available for all Officer posts. In this article, I have listed down the posts for which LASIK surgery is permitted (in SSC entry mode).


First of all, let us check out the charts listing Eyesight requirement in case of Executive and Technical Branch officers-

Indian Navy Executive Branch eyesight requirement

Executive Branch eyesight requirement


Indian Navy Technical Branch eyesight requirement

Technical Branch eyesight requirement


Now, let us check out for which posts are LASIK surgery relaxation available in the Indian Navy SSC entry-

Indian Navy posts where LASIK surgery allowed


Also, do check out certain conditions that one must satisfy in case of LASIK surgery-


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LASIK surgery conditions


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