IAF Flying Branch minimum height requirement

I’ve already written an article where I mentioned vision requirements for selection in the IAF Flying Branch. It is a well known fact that IAF gives much importance to Physical and Medical standards of candidates who want to join them. Especially when it comes to Flying Branch, the standards set by them is very high! Flying Branch Officers regularly handle state of the art Aircraft and weapons from time to time. Before one may handle such expensive machines, one is put through a tough Aptitude test as well as medical and physical tests too! In this article, I will cover details regarding the minimum height requirement in case of candidates who are interested in joining the Flying Branch. Measurements such as sitting height, leg length, thigh length etc have also been mentioned in this article.

IAF height requirement chart for Flying Branch candidates

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The above chart contains all necessary details such as minimum height (162.5 cms), leg length (minimum 99 cms, maximum 120 cms), thigh length (maximum 64 cms) and sitting height (minimum 81.5 cms, maximum 96 cms). As you can see, IAF is very strict, when it comes to these measurements. In case of thigh length, sitting height and leg length, a maximum limit has also been set. This is due to the fact that they need to make sure that the Pilot fits in well in the space provided for him/her. Also check out – Join IAF: The complete guide.

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