Indian Air Force Physical and Medical standards (all details)


Joining IAF (Indian Air Force) is a dream that many young Indians nurture. Many dream of becoming Flying Officers (Pilots) in IAF. Others dream about becoming a Technical Branch Officer in the Organization. Some others have ambitions of becoming Ground Duty Officers. But the reality is that making it to the IAF is not an easy task. There are written exams and SSB Interview standing in between aspirants and their goal! In case of Flying Branch aspirants, a hurdle in the form of PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test) is also present! Talking about tough selection procedure, Medical and Physical standards play an important role in it. To become a Commissioned Officer in IAF (to get selected into the training program that will help one become one), one must satisfy a set of Physical Standards that they have set. In case of Flying Branch candidates, an additional set of Medical standards must also be met. In this article, I will cover those medical and physical standards in detail.

IAF Physical and Medical standards

Find all details about IAF’s Physical and Medical Standards here

IAF Physical standards (for all branches)

In case of Ground Duty Branches, Technical Branch and Flying Branch, a set of basic Physical Standards exists, which a candidate must meet. In addition to these Physical Standards, Flying Branch applicants also have to satisfy additional Medical Standards too! Here  are details about Physical and Medical standards-


To join IAF, candidates, irrespective of the entry mode and educational qualifications, must satisfy a basic set of Physical standards. The list is quite long. But the main things that are checked are-


  • Weight and Height ratio
  • Good Physical and Mental health
  • Good hearing
  • Well developed chests (expansion should be at least 5cm after full inspiration)
  • Healthy Bones and Joints


For the entire list of Physical Standards’ criteria set by IAF, check out the charts provided below. You may click on the images to get an enlarged view. You may find the full set of Physical standards on the image. You may even save it for future use-


IAF Physical standards chart 1

First set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on this image to read! Click on image to enlarge!


IAF Physical standards chart 2

Second set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on image to enlarge it and read it!


Apart from the above mentioned standards, height weight ratio is also given much importance. Height and weight standards is different in case of male and female candidates. I’ve made two charts regarding height weight standards set by IAF. They’ve been clearly marked with ‘for men’ and ‘for women’ tags.


IAF height and weight standards (for men)

Height and weight standards for male candidates. Click on the image to enlarge and save/read it!


IAF Height and weight standards (for women)

Height and weight standards for female candidates. Click on the image to enlarge and save/read it!


Medical Standards (Additional ones, in case of Flying Branch)

In case of Flying Branch , additional set of Medical standards are also present, which a candidate has to satisfy. Some important tests and things checked as part of this Medical test are-


  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Vision (Eyesight requirements)
  • Occular Muscle Balance


I’ve compiled detailed charts that deals with all the above mentioned Medical standards and tests. You may click on the images, enlarge them and read details with ease! You may even save these images for future use!


IAF Medical standards- Anthropometric measurements and some diseases chart

IAF Medical standards chart (Anthropometric Measurements). Click on the image to enlarge it and read!


IAF Medical standards- spinal conditions

IAF Medical Standards chart (Spinal Conditions). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!


IAF Medical Standards- Vision

IAF Medical standards chart (Eyesight requirements). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!


IAF Medical Standards- Occular Muscle Balance

IAF Medical Standards chart (Occular Muscle Balance). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!


This additional set of Medical standards indicates how particular IAF is about the aptitude and fitness of their Pilots! As evident from the charts, much emphasis of laid on eyesight (vision) and Anthropometric measurements. Some spinal conditions may result in rejection while some other conditions are acceptable (mentioned in chart above).


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Candidates who manage to get recommended after SSB Interview (all stages and conference) and PABT (in case of Flying Branch candidates) are subjected to Medical tests. Medical examination is held at two centres- AFCME (Air Force Central Medical Establishment), New Delhi and Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bengaluru. Candidates recommended by the Selection Board will be sent for Medical Examination to any one of the above mentioned centres.


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