How to join IAF’s Ground Duty Branches as Officer after B.Sc.

I’ve been writing articles about joining IAF for quite some time now. In the previous post, I described in detail about how B.Sc. students or graduates may join the Flying Branch of IAF. In this post, I will deal with ground duty posts for which B.Sc. students are graduates are eligible to appear for. As usual, the article will cover details like- types of posts, age criteria, educational qualifications etc.

The problem with Flying Branch is that the selection process is too strict. Too strict looking from medical and physical fitness’ points of view! Even though one can apply for the Flying Branch after B.Sc., the chances of selection are reduced due to the selection procedure. At the same time, getting selected into the Ground Duty Branches is relatively easier!

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All about the Ground Duty Branches suited for B.Sc. graduates!

First of all, let me point out the Branches within Ground duty section, for which B.Sc. guys are eligible to apply for-


#1 Administration Branch

#2 Logistics Branch


Apart from the above mentioned sections, there is a third one too within the Ground Duty section- The Accounts Branch. But only B Com grads and Post Graduates are eligible to appear for Accounts Branch’s posts.


Details and eligibility criteria regarding Ground Duty Branches-


#1 Administration Branch-

The Administration Branch is tasked with carrying out day to day tasks related to personnel and resources. It is an important branch that ensures smooth running of IAF. Within this branch, there are two types of entries- Permanent Commission and SSC (Short Service Commission). Some candidates of this branch are selected and trained to perform the tasks of- Air Traffic Controller and Fighter Controller too!


* Age limit- 20 to 26 years (at the time when the course starts)


* Gender- Men (Eligible for both Permanent and SSC Commissions), Women (Eligible for SSC)


* Marital status- Candidates who are below the age of 25 must be single


* Educational Qualifications- Graduation Degree in any Discipline of B.Sc. Minimum aggregate marks of 60% is also necessary requirement


#2 Logistics Branch-

Talking about this branch, its primary task is to see to it that necessary equipment and resources are procured and supplied. In short, it deals with managing the material resources belonging to IAF.


* Age limit- 20 to 26 years (at the time when the course starts)


*Gender- Men (Eligible for both Permanent and SSC Commissions), Women (Eligible for SSC only)


* Marital Status- candidates below 25 years of age must be single


* Educational Qualifications- B.Sc. Graduation Degree in any Discipline with minimum 60% aggregate marks


Physical and Medical standards-

To join IAF, candidates, irrespective of the entry mode and educational qualifications, must satisfy a basic set of Physical standards. The list is quite long. But the main things that are checked are-

  • Ideal Weight and Height ratio
  • Good Physical and Mental health
  • Good hearing
  • Well developed chests (expansion should be at least 5cm after full inspiration)
  • Healthy Bones and Joints

For the entire list of Physical Standards’ criteria set by IAF, check out the charts provided below. You may click on the images to get an enlarged view. You may find the full set of Physical standards on the image. You may even save it for future use-


IAF Physical standards chart 1

First set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on this image to read! Click on image to enlarge!


IAF Physical standards chart 2

Second set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on image to enlarge it and read it!

These are the Ground Duty Branches within IAF for which B.Sc. students and graduates are eligible to appear for. Also, Post Graduate candidates may also apply. That means M Sc fellows are also eligible to apply for these posts! For them, the minimum aggregate marks requirement has been set at 50%.


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The recruitment process regarding these branches are carried out by the AFCAT. So, interested candidates are supposed to keep a watch on their sites for advertisements and notifications. The tests are conducted on February and September and the advertisements inviting applications are usually published on the months of June and December.

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