Indian Air Force Flying Branch Eyesight requirements

Selection process, when it comes to IAF (Indian Air Force), is strict and tough! Especially selection process in case of Flying branch, which consists of tests like PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test), Medical tests, SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview etc, is notoriously tough! Tough it might be, but the selection process is also pretty efficient. This ensures that only the best men and women are selected into the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force. In this article, we will focus on the medical standards and physical standards set for Flying branch enthusiasts by the IAF. We will check out details associated with eyesight requirements.


IAF Flying Branch Eyesight requirement

Indian Air Force Flying Branch eyesight requirements

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So, those were the eyesight requirements set by the IAF! Please do click on the chart to view the enlarged version. Also, do share this chart so that other IAF aspirants too could get the necessary information!

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