GP Rating course eligibility, scope, jobs and salary details


GP Rating course stands for General Purpose Rating course. It is a presea training course that even 10th passed students may pursue after schooling! This course will help one in building a career in Merchant Navy. Students who want to have an exciting and adventurous career may go for this course. Financially too, jobs that one will get after completing GP Rating course, are financially rewarding! In this article, we will check out details about General Purpose Rating course, such as- basic course details, scope, job opportunities after completing the program, salary details, eligibility criteria and medical standards.


Read about GP (General Purpose) Rating course details, eligibility, scope etc.

Basic details about GP Rating course

The course duration is 6 months long. It is a presea training course. GP Rating course focuses on training cadets in two main roles of shipping sector- Deck crew and engine crew. Deck and Engine Rating programs are available as Individual courses. But GP Rating combines them both and trains candidate Deck as well as Engine Rating aspects!


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As part of the course, cadets will b given knowledge and skills related to topics like- ship machinery, swimming, fire prevention and safety technology, first AID, basics of sea, ship familiarization faring etc.


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GP Rating course Eligibility Criteria

Talking about eligibility criteria, there are three main things that they look at, during admission- Educational qualification, Medical/Physical standards and Age of the candidate. Let us focus on them each-


Educational Qualifications

Minimum educational qualification required is- 10th passed (from a Recognized Board). Aspirants possessing other advanced educational qualifications may also apply. It also means that 10th passed and 12th failed students may also pursue this course!


Physical/Medical Standards

Candidates should be physically and medically fit, as per Merchant Shipping rules. They should be fit for sea faring role. Eyesight requirement is 6/6 in both eyes (unaided vision). Candidate should also not be suffering from color blindness.


Age limit

As mentioned above, age of the candidate is also taken into consideration, during admission process. It has to be between 18-25 years of age.


Scope, Jobs and Salary details

After completing the GP Rating course, one may work as Deck or Engine crew aboard ships. After 36 months of sea service, one may appear for 2nd Mate Examination and rise to Officer. With further sea service and examinations (oral and/or written), one may rise through the Ranks.


Salary specifications differ, depending on whether it is a Merchant Navy ship or Entertainment cruise etc. Generally, it is between 20-30k Rupees at start.


In my opinion, GP Rating course is a job oriented course that 10th or 12th passed students may pursue. Further, after taking up the job, one may still appear for exams and rise up through the Ranks!


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