Government Jobs for Gujarat’s Engineers

Each graduating engineering student wants to become a Government employee! Well, I exaggerated a bit. But most of them want ‘Sarkari Naukri’. There are few takers for businesses and new startups. I guess that the spirit of entrepreneurship, for which Gujarat is famous, is vanishing. This, particularly is the case with the new generation.

are you an engineer?

Are you?


Okay, I don’t have any problems with it! My job is to help you all. So, I’m listing few popular Government job opportunities for you engineering graduates out there!


Please note that I’m mentioning the jobs that’ll let you stay in Gujarat itself. While transfer is possible in some Central Government jobs, rest all is based in Gujarat only. But what’s wrong with a transfer? If you want it, then you must make some sacrifice too! An out of Gujarat transfer is a small sacrifice.


#1 Government job in ONGC

ONGC stands for Oil and Natural Gas Commission. This company offers jobs. Wait, it is a governmental organization! So is the job!


There are ONGC plants in Bharuch area. If you manage to bag a job within this institution then it is full of advantages. Yes, out of the state transfers are possible. But that’s not a big deal!


#2 GPSC jobs for Engineers

GPSC stands for Gujarat Public Service Commission. Like all other states in India, we too have one! It is this organization that handles the matter of Government jobs within our state.


There are lots of jobs suitable for engineering graduates that they offer. The list is very big. I’m just mentioning a few here- GSRTC, GSEB, PWD etc.


#3 Engineers in Indian Railways

Yes, you may apply and get posted within Gujarat! Well, transfers are possible. But still, railway jobs are valued much. Along with it comes lots of perks and bonuses.


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#4 Armed Forces

Yes, there are various schemes and entries for engineering graduates to enter the Armed Forces of India! It is a good job, with excellent pay and lifestyle! But chances are that you spend most of your time outside Gujarat! But still, working in the armed forces is a matter of pride!

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