Fraudsters using to earn money

Fraudsters using to earn money is one of the leading job portals of India. is used by people looking for employment and employers. It offers free service, but also has a paid version which is even better. is a good source for unemployed people looking for jobs. The site is simple and the site demands various useful information at the time of registration. The site asks for details like technical qualifications, expected salary, preferred job location etc. logo

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In short, it is an excellent site that offers you loads of job opportunities matching your educational qualifications. So, why has one to be careful when dealing with Well, I mentioned earlier that the site is used by people looking for employment and employers too. Employers may be big international companies or small local ones. is so full of potential employees that companies in India and abroad frequent this site looking for employees.

There are some ‘fraud’ employers out there in Yes! themselves send an e-mail asking us to be careful about such fraud employers. These employers contact you after ‘seeing your CV on’ and call you for an interview. But before that, they will ask you to pay up certain amount for air tickets to travel to the place of interview. You may also check – High paying jobs in India.

Many times, these fraud companies can be easily identified. Many of them won’t even have their own websites! advices us to do a thorough Google search about the employer who contacted us through

Sometimes, fraudsters even contact you posing as legitimate company! There was a case related to Hyundai motors. The fraudsters managed to convince people that they are actual representatives of Hyundai! But Hyundai themselves came to know of this scam and put up a warning about the fraudsters on their own site!

Then there are these ‘backdoor jobs’ wala. He also contacts us using I personally was contacted by such a man. He texted me that job was available at Adani power, the package was of 3.8 Lacs. But for that job, I had to pay that guy 70,000 rupees! Now, a big and reputed company like Adani will only recruit employees after thorough interviews and not using backdoors! So, when using, be careful about these fraudsters and such cheaters. Read the safety warnings and tips given by

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