Top Post Graduate (M Tech) Food Processing courses

Food Processing and Technology is a good branch of Engineering. It is not very popular among 12th Science students. When compared to other branches of Engineering, Food Processing and Technology has lesser number of takers. But this has ensured that this branch has remained very less saturated. After Graduation, finding a decent job for Food Processing and Technology graduates won’t be a very difficult task. Also, due to the technological advancements that the Food production Industry has been going through, there is a huge demand for professionals who are skilled in Food processing and technology. Along with the Graduation Degree, if one manages to pursue a Post Graduate Degree, it will help enhance his/her value in the job market! In this article, I will list some of the best PG (M Tech) programs available, which are related to the field of Food processing.


List of top M Tech courses related to Food Processing and Technology

Please note that the list has not been ranked in ascending or descending order.


1 Food Supply Chain Management

This program focuses more on the supply chain processes and methods. Topics such as transportation of food products from one place to another, preservation techniques etc are also covered in this program.


2 Food Safety and Quality Management

Covers safety as well as quality aspects related to the Food production Industry. At the end of the day, food is something we consume. So, it must be ensured that food that we take is safe and quality has been maintained during each stage of its production.


3 Food Processing Engineering and Management

More like a general branch, this one is! Concepts of Management is also present in this course.


4 Food Plants Operation Management

In many cases, Food products are produced in Factories and huge production plant. Number of machines work simultaneously to ensure that the food product is produced daily. Machines related to production, quality control, packing etc have to be operated in a rhythm to ensure smooth running of the plant.


This course focuses on this very topic of managing various operations within a production plant!


5 Food Technology and Management

More focused on the technological aspects of the Industry. Covers details such as latest technology and machines used, latest practices followed etc.


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Eligibility Criteria

To pursue any of the above mentioned M Tech programs, a candidate should have completed Bachelors Degree program (in relevant branch).

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