4 Tips To Find Good Air Hostess Training Institutes In India

After publishing articles about aviation courses and air hostess training in India, I’ve been getting loads of queries about institutes offering these courses. Readers, who are 12th passed students, want to know details about good quality institutes offering the above mentioned courses in India. I’ve been tired of telling them the fact that I don’t suggest institutes. This is due to the reason that I’ve not reviewed or analyzed the quality of all such institutes operating here. Due to this fact, I think I won’t be able to give an accurate feedback. But when it comes to finding a good air hostess training institute, I’ve got some tips for you. Here they are-


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Useful tips to find good quality Air Hostess training institutes in India


1 Check whether the institute is certified or not

Air Hostess training is a professional course/training. Based on this training, one may find a job. When it comes to institutes offering professional courses, one must make sure that they are approved and accredited by the appropriate authorities.


2 Placement record

If an institute has good placement record, it is an added advantage. Try selecting such an air hostess training institute, which has good placement record. Don’t blindly believe the placement statistics that they publish in advertisements and brochures. If possible, consult students who already studied in the institute and enquire about the placement trends.


3 Quality of instructors

Skills you acquire at an institute, to a large extent, depends on the instructor giving you the training. While selecting an institute, make sure that the instructors hired by them have previously worked in this field and are knowledgeable about this field.


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4 Cabin Simulation and hands on training sessions

This is the most important tip. Air hostess training is not a theoretical thing. To get the best training, one must also go through hands on training, field trips and simulation training.


Most good institutes organize visits to airports so that students get to know more about their work environment. Cabin simulators are also used by good institutes so that the students gets a much more hands on experience and thus gain practical experience in the process.


While selecting an institute, make sure that they give importance to such hands on training sessions.

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