Essay on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: My Favorite Sportsperson, Footballer & Icon

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers of my generation. This essay is based on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. My favorite sport is football and my favorite player is Zlatan. And this essay is dedicated to Zlatan, my source of inspiration.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Essay

Football is more than just a game for me. Football helps me stay fit and healthy. It also helps me avoid tension and relax. I play football regularly. It is a physically demanding game. While playing, I run up and down the pitch many times. In short, the game helps me keep a fit and healthy body. It also helps my stay calm and composed.


I also watch football leagues and tournaments regularly. On TV and internet, I follow major European leagues, tournaments and matches. Watching football is an ideal way for me to relax. After a tiring day at school, I come home and follow football matches and news to relax.


What I’m trying to say is that I’m passionate about football. I have been following this game since childhood. And my favorite footballer is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Though my generation has had the luck to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in action, my favorite player shall always be Zlatan!


He caught my attention while he was playing for French club PSG. He caught my attention due to his consistent performance for the team. At PSG, Zlatan was a super-star. In front of the goal, he was deadly. This man could do anything. He could score with his foot and head, he could provide assists, he could thread defense splitting passes, he could score acrobatic goals, he could score free kicks, he could score long-range goals and more.


In short, he had enough charisma, talent, skill and ability to turn viewers into fans. On the field, he created few problems too. For example, he was known to get into fights with his teammates and opponents. This resulted in him getting game bans and warning cards. According to many, he is quite arrogant also. Keep these things apart and he is one of the best players out there!


After watching him play for PSG, I searched the internet for more details about him. And I was just impressed by this guy’s career! I watched his old videos and saw how good he was with the ball at his feet! His trophy cabinet is just as good as his goals compilation!


Okay, let us focus on his early life and career now. This part is very inspiring and exciting. Zlatan was born in Sweden. His parents were immigrants. His parents separated while he was a child. He had a tough childhood. On many occasions, he would go hungry. He even used to indulge in shoplifting and theft.


He spent much of his childhood in a tough neighborhood. He used football as a means to escape the tough reality around him. His childhood forged him into a strong man. His strong personality is a result of his tough upbringing and the tough neighborhoods.


Zlatan was quite good at football from a very young age. He was naturally gifted. In his teen years, he was on the verge of quitting football. But he kept going and finally signed his first contract with Malmo FF, a Swedish club. He made his way through the club’s various age levels and cemented his place in the team’s first team.


As I mentioned before, he was an excellent footballer. And it is difficult to keep a good player at a small club. As soon as a player outgrows the club, a bigger club would come to sign him/her. The same thing happened in case of Zlatan. This time, Dutch club Ajax came knocking.


Zlatan joined Ajax and had a good time at the club. He thrilled Ajax fans with this dazing runs, stunning goals, acrobatic finished and overall entertaining performances. This helped him facilitate a move to Juventus, the Turin-based Italian club. His performance remained consistent during his stint with the Italian club too.


Unfortunately, the club got involved in a match-fixing scandal and were demoted to the second tier of Italian football. This prompted Zlatan to look for a new club. And this time, Inter Milan came forward to offer him a fresh start.


With Inter, he enjoyed tremendous success. He won many titles, trophies and individual accolades at Inter. With Inter, he would go on to become the top goal scorer of the season!


Following his stint at Inter, he was signed by FC Barcelona. His stint at FC Barcelona was not as rewarding as his previous clubs. As a result, he managed to secure a loan deal to AC Milan. This deal was later turned into a permanent deal.


Zlatan’s performance in Serie A still remained consistent. He scored crucial goals, provided assists and helped them win the Serie A title. His next destination was PSG. The French club were building a competent team. They had a really good project and decided to recruit Zlatan to boost their attacking power.


As usual, Zlatan came, scored goals and entertained the fans. With PSG, he won four league titles and many other cups and trophies. After his PSG journey, he decided to try the EPL and joined Manchester United. In the EPL too, Zlatan remained consistent. He helped the club win the Europa League.


His next destination was – USA and the MLS. He signed for LA Galaxy. He took the MLS by storm. During his two years stint at the MLS club, he wracked up more than fifty goals. Thereafter, he made a comeback to AC Milan. As of now, he is playing for Milan.


Zlatan has played for different clubs spanning different countries and continents. But with each club, he has remained consistent. Just take a look at his goal tally at each club and one can understand the fact that this guy is a legend. He plays for the Swedish team at international level.


Each day, I look at Zlatan’s life to get inspiration. This guy endured a tough childhood and made his way to the top. And in the top-flight, he has managed to remain consistent each season. This is nothing short of extraordinary.

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