Essay on Sadio Mane: My Favorite Sportsperson, Footballer & Icon

This essay is on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. My favorite sport is football. I’ve been watching and playing football from a very young age. Though I love and admire many footballers, Sadio Mane is my favorite sportsperson and footballer. This essay is dedicated to Sadio.

Sadio Mane Essay

In this essay, I’ve covered topics such as – brief outline of his career, his exploits on and off the field, his qualities and trains that I love, his achievements and more. Many EPL fans will agree that Sadio Mane is a dangerous player for the opposition. He is the classic example of the tricky winger/attacker.


He is adept at wriggling past defenders, putting in dangerous crosses or scoring stunning goals. Seeing his rush forward with the ball is quite a sight. And for the opponents, it is a dreadful sight!


Sadio is well known for his stint at Liverpool FC. As of now, he is still playing for Liverpool. At Anfield, he has made it a habit to provide assists and score goals. His notable achievements at Liverpool include – helping them win the League title and the Champions League.


At Anfield, Mane has managed to forge a fruitful attacking venture alongside Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino. The trio link up pretty well, are quick, can score goals and assist each other. In short, they form one of the most dangerous attacking unit in the Premier League.


Okay, let us talk about his early career now. Sadio was born into a conservative family in Senegal. His father was an imam. And he used to forbid little Sadio from playing football. Still, little Sadio managed to sneak out and play football!


After the death of his father, a young Sadio Mane escaped his native village and moved to Dakar. He moved with the aim of pursuing football seriously. By then, his family realized hos serious Sadio was about playing football and they decided to support him. In Dakar, he managed to get into Generation Foot team.


His big break came when he was signed by the French club Metz. At Metz, he showcased his skills and talent. This led to him being signed by the Austrain side Red Bull Salzburg. Red Bull Salzburg had an ambitious project and Sadio was an integral part of that project. The speedy winger managed to impress manager, coaches and fans at the Austrian club. At Red Bull Salzburg, he won the league and other trophies.


Following his solid performances in Austria, EPL club Southampton came knocking on the door. They signed him and quickly made him a part of the fist team. At Southampton, Sadio was a goal-scoring threat for opponents. He used to fly down the flanks to cross the ball or score himself.


In his two seasons with Southampton, he wracked up many goals and assists. Soon, it became quite clear that he had outgrown the club. This time, Liverpool FC was interested in signing them. After a formal discussion, he was signed by Liverpool FC.


He carried on his good form to Liverpool. In 2018-19 season, Liverpool managed to win the Champions League. Sadio played a crucial part in their Champions League success. And in the following season, he lifted the Premier League title with Liverpool.


As of now, he is still playing for Liverpool FC. He still remains a dangerous attacker on the field. He is well known for his stamina and work rate. Despite being an attacker, his defensive work-rate is quite impressive. He is known to track-back and help regain possession of the ball.


At international level, he plays for the Senegal team. Off the field, Sadio is a quiet, simple and humble guy. He is known to contribute a lot towards the development of his country and village. Stories of his charitable work are quite popular on social media circles.


Coming from hard conditions, Sadio Mane has managed to achieve a lot in his life and career. He has won trophies, awards and accolades at the highest level, he earns well now and is doing quite good. Despite all of his success, he has managed to remain grounded. He doesn’t believe in leading and flashy and extravagant life. Instead, he believes in using his personal wealth and fame to change the fortune of his country, village and its residents.

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