Essay on Paul Pogba: My Favorite Sportsperson, Idol & Footballer

My favorite sportsperson is Paul Pogba. He is my idol and source of inspiration. This essay is dedicated to him. Here, I’ll cover the following topics – basic details about his career, his qualities on and off the ground, reasons why I love him and more.

Paul Pogba Essay

I’m an avid football fan. I don’t just watch football on TV, I even play football regularly. Like other football fans, I often stay late at night to catch a glimpse of my favorite player and team!


Football has been a part of my life since my childhood. At a very early age, I started kicking the ball around in my home! And from a very young age, I started following football leagues and tournament on TV.


Now that I have smartphone and fast internet connectivity, it has become easy to follow multiple football leagues, tournaments and players. In short, I’m passionate about this game. I even play regularly for my local amateur football club. Football forms an integral part of my life. The game helps me keep fit, healthy and motivated.


While following this beautiful game, one player has managed to thrill me the most – Paul Pogba. He caught my attention during his Juventus days. I saw this midfield maverick who could dictate the tempo of the game.


At Juventus, he could do anything – attack, defend, pass the ball, tackle, score long-range goals and more! He was an all-in-one package back and Juventus.


With his sublime set of skills and talent, he could dictate the tempo of the game. He was so good at passing that his short and long passes resembled a laser-guided missile.


Mere skill and talent won’t help a player thrive at the top level for a long time. To stay at the top, one must be willing to work hard and stay disciplined. At a young age, Paul has shown us all his will to work hard. He worked pretty hard and Juventus to establish himself as the first choice midfielder.


Pogba was drawn to football at an early age. At the age of six, he began playing for the local club near his residence. The Brazilian forward Ronaldo had a huge influence on him!


At junior level, Pogba excelled at the French club Le Havre. He caught the attention of English giants Manchester United. Later, he secured a move to the youth academy of Manchester United. His solid performances in the Academy League helped him earn a promotion to the first team.


After playing for Manchester United, he decided to join Juventus. This decision would change his life as a player. The move to Juventus saw him get more playing time and opportunities. The overall team set-up at Juventus allowed him to play freely and display his wide array of skills and talents. With Juventus, he won many titles and awards.


In 2014-2015 season, the club even managed to reach the final of Champions League! After a successful stay at Juventus, Paul decided to join Manchester United again. As of now, he is still at United and doing pretty well for the club.


With the National team, Paul won the 2018 FIFA World Cup. France even managed to reach the final or Euro 2016 tournament.


To thrive at the highest level is no ordinary feat. And Paul did it in style! It shows his discipline, commitment, hard work and dedication. These are some qualities that I’d love to inculcate in my life. I hope and pray that Paul will continue to thrill us all in the future through his skillful performances on the field.

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