Essay on Max Verstappen: My Favorite Sportsperson, Idol & Racing Driver

I’m a huge fan of Formula 1. And my favorite F1 driver is Max Verstappen. He is my idol and source of inspiration. This essay is dedicated to Max Verstappen – my favorite sportsperson.

Max Verstappen Essay

As I mentioned before, I’m a huge F1 fan. I follow all of the races very closely. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso – many big names grace the circuit each race. But my favorite F1 racing driver is Max Verstappen. Many positive qualities set him apart from the rest.


In this essay, I will discuss in brief about his career, his qualities, things I admire about him and more. First of all, I have huge respect for all F1 drivers.


According to me, F1 is the grandest and most demanding racing event on the planet. There are just twenty driver seats available in this event. So anyone who manages to bag a seat deserves respect.


In order to thrive in this racing event, one must have amazing reflexes, skills, stamina, concentration, devotion and determination. Only the best of the lot manage to take part in this tournament.


At a very young age, Max Verstappen has managed to mark his presence on this racing event. This shows the level of talent this young man has. As of now, while compising this essay, Max is just twenty three years old. It means that he has another ten to fifteen years left in him (at the highest level).


Max Verstappen was born in Belgium. Despite being born in Belgium, he chose to race under the Netherlands flag. At a very young age, Max was attracted by the world of racing. His family is responsible for this.


His father is a former F1 driver, his mother used to take part in karting events and series and even his cousin used to take part in professional racing tournaments and events. In short, young Max was surrounded by racing enthusiasts and racing drivers.


This helped him develop a passion for racing from a very young age. Being a former F1 driver himself, Max’s father knew what it takes to success in this field. His father helped Max unconditionally.


As a young kid, Max took part in various karting tournaments. He shone at these events. His father saw the special talent that his son possessed. And he made sure to polish this rough stone and turn it into a gem!


Max even left his mark on Florida Winter Series and Formula Three. Let us talk about his F1 career now. It is at this stage that he really caught my attention.


Max began his F1 career with Red Bull Junior Team. He debuted as a full time racer with Scuderia Toro Rosso. Though his first race was not so memorable, he had an impressive second race where he finished in points scoring position.


In 2016, Red Bull Racing team decided to sign young Max from their sister team – Scuderia Toro Rosso. For Red Bull team, Max has had many podium finishes and accumulated many points.


As of now, he is their main driver. And this year, he has a decent chance of winning the Drivers’ Championship.


Why do I support and adore Max, you may ask. His maturity is what sets him apart from the rest. It is a positive trait in him that I admire the most. At a very young age, Max has managed to set his mark on the F1 circuit. Maturity, calmness and discipline – this guy has all of these qualities in him.


Usually, a very young man will have some trouble getting adjusted to the most competitive racing event. But the way Max made the transition was quite effortless. To make it look effortless, he put in tons of hard work. It shows his level of dedication and determination. I’m trying to learn from his life. I’m working on setting goals and chasing them with discipline, determination and calmness.


Max Verstappen has achieved tremendous results at a very young age. If he carries on performing at the same level, he will go down as a legend!

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