Essay on Karim Benzema: My Favorite Sportsperson, Footballer & Icon

I’m passionate about football and everything related to it. I just love to play this game each day. And I even closely follow major European leagues, its players and tournaments. My favorite club is Real Madrid. And my favorite player is Real’s striker Karim Benzema.

Karim Benzema Essay

This essay is dedicated to my favorite footballer and sportsperson – Karim Benzema. Here, I’ve covered topics such as – his career, highlights of his life, his qualities and other facts about Karim.


As I mentioned before, Real Madrid is my favorite club. And since 2009, Karim has been scoring goals for my favorite club. His performances have managed to turn me into his ardent fan. It was in 2009 that Real decided to sign Karim Benzema.


Back then, Real were all set to build their next Galactico team. As part of this team building process, they decided to sign the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema. Among these Galacticos, Karim impressed me the most.


At the time of signing, Ronaldo and Kaka were already superstars. But Karim had a lot to prove. He was a super-star at Lyon. But he had to prove a lot at his new club – Real Madrid. And his transition was not smooth at all.


In the beginning, his performances for Real Madrid were lackluster. He took his time to adapt to life in Spain. The Real team already had some talented strikers like Raul and Gonzalo H. Replacing them was too tough for the young Karim.


But he fought on and tried his level best to make a place for himself in the squad. The very next season, Real sacked their manager and appointed the new manager – Jose Mourinho. Jose was not impressed by Karim’s style of play, work ethic and fitness.


He openly challenged the player and asked him to change his attitude towards the game. This motivated Benzema. He managed to shed weight, get fit and started giving more on the field. Still, he was not promised a starting place in the team. In his third season at the club, he managed to win the Spanish La Liga title. By this time, he was getting more play-time for the club.


He made full use of the chances that came his way. By now, he became the first choice striker at the club. In the following seasons, he won another League title. He also managed to win the La Decima with Real Madrid.


After winning the tenth Champions League title, Real had consistent success in Champions League competition. Karim played a huge role in winning these titles. By this time, Karim had become one of the best strikers in the World.


For Real, he has amassed numerous goals and assists. He has represented France team in competitions such as – Euro and World cup. On the field, Karim is one of the best strikers of the modern game. He is elegant, creative, strong and hard working on the field.


Well, Karim managed to grab my attention while he was playing for Real Madrid. Before signing for Real, he was a super-star at the French club Lyon. Lyon signed the youngster at a very young age. After scouting him for a while, they identified his talent and decided to nurture it.


Just like in Real Madrid, he had a slow start at Lyon. He was used occasionally by the club during his initial days at the senior side. By 2007, he became one of the most crucial players for the club. His manager put a lot of faith in young Karim. And he never let his manager down. He rewarded his manager with a healthy tally of goals and assists.


In his personal life, Karim has had courted few controversies. But I choose to ignore those things and focus on his exploits on the field. He is definitely talented. But talent alone won’t help you get a spot in the French team or top clubs in the world. In order to achieve it, one must be willing to work hard. I hope to have the same level of determination and discipline that Karim has.

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