Essay on Federico Chiesa: My Favorite Sportsperson, Icon & Footballer

Football is my favorite sport. I play this game regularly. I also try to keep up to date with major football leagues in Europe, international tournaments and cups. This essay is based on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. And my favorite sportsperson is Federico Chiesa.

Federico Chiesa Essay

This essay is dedicated to Federico Chiesa. He is my favorite footballer, sportsperson and source of inspiration. In this essay, I’ve covered the following topics – his career, his skills, things that set him apart from the rest, reasons why I love and admire him and more.


As I mentioned before, football is my favorite sport. And I just love playing and watching the beautiful game. I’m not one of those couch potatoes who just watch football all day. I play football each week and I’m pretty good at it. In other words, I know how to play the game and what is takes to become a professional footballer.


This is why I respect footballers who play at the highest level. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Bonucci, Harry Kane, NGolo Kante – I have huge respect for them and others playing at the highest level. But my favorite footballer is and always will be Federico Chiesa.


I enjoy watching the game on TV and internet. I follow most of the top European Leagues consistently. Naturally, I end up taking a special note of promising young players. I happened to see Federico playing for Serie A club Fiorentina.


Through his performances, he managed to turn me into his fan. Since then, I’ve been following him on TV and online. Federico is quite young. Still, he has this sense of maturity and calmness to his game!


Let me talk about his career now. Federico was born in Genoa, Italy. From a young age, he was drawn towards football. His father – Enrico Chiesa – is a former footballer who played for various Serie A clubs.


His father’s profession had a huge influence on young Federico. Right at home, he was surrounded by football kits used by his dad. He would often go to watch his dad play.


This made Federico fell in love with the beautiful game. At youth level, he initially played for Settignanese. Later, he joined Fiorentina, a big club in Italy. He played well for the club’s youth team. He was rewarded for his performances with a professional contract. Fiorentina had faith in the young talent and decided to give him a place in their first team.


During his first season, he put on a decent show as a part of the Fiorentina team. With each passing season, he improved in leaps and bounds! And by his third season, he became a goal-scoring threat and key assist provider. Fiorentina now relied on him for bending crosses and assists.


Juventus saw the emergence of this young talent. The decided to offer him a loan deal. He played some key games for the Turin club, scored goals for them and even provided many assists.


And in the recently concluded Euro tournament, Chiesa managed to lift the trophy for Italy national team. As of now, this has to be the most memorable moment in his International football career. In the Euro tournament, he excelled as always, providing crucial passes in the process.


At a very young age, Chiesa has performed consistently at the top level. He has managed to win a prominent International tournament, won domestic cups and performed well in Serie A. This shows the level of discipline and passion he has for the game. At this age, it is very easy to get distracted and stray away from the path of hard work. But Federico has shown immense discipline and has worked his way up the ladder.


He is still very young. He has a long way to go. But he is humble and grounded. Despite achieving so much so early, he is still eager to learn and improve under the guidance of his coaches, manager and fellow players. These are positive qualities that I’d like to develop in my life too.

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