Essay on Erling Haaland: My Favorite Sportsperson, Footballer & Icon

Football is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing football since my childhood. So far, I’ve played for amateur football clubs in my neighborhood. Since football is my favorite sport, my favorite sportsperson is a footballer. This essay is dedicated to Erling Haaland – my favorite footballer and sportsperson.

Erling Haaland Essay

Growing up, I played football, tennis, badminton, chess etc. But my favorite was playing football. My cousins used to play football on our local ground. As a child, I’d join them. This is how I started kicking the ball around. Gradually, I fell in love with the game.


Playing football ensures that I get the necessary physical activity to keep my body fit and in shape. At the same time, it also teaches me the value of discipline, sportsmanship and hard work.


Apart from playing football, I’m also very passionate about watching various football leagues, tournaments and events. Each day, I tune into sports channels and consume any football-related content that I can.


I closely follow major European football leagues, international tournaments and events. When it comes to international football, I’m a huge fan of the German national team. And when it comes to club-level football, Borussia Dortmund is my favorite team.


As of now, Erling Haaland is Dortmund’s leading striker. And he is my favorite footballer. I was very happy when my favorite club signed this talented young star.


Though he caught my attention much before joining Dortmund, I started watching him closely after he joined BVB. He joined BVB in 2020. And within a short span of time, he has already scored 40 goals for the club in all competitions. This is an extraordinary feat. His goal-scoring rate is absolutely fantastic. And he is just twenty years of age as of now!


At a very young age, Erling has earned the title of a ‘poacher’. He is a dangerous and effective striker. He is deadly in front of the goal. He possesses all the qualities that a good striker must have – reflexes, instinct, powerful and accurate shot, positioning, tactical awareness, ball control, dribbling, strength, height etc.


Sometimes, it looks as if he is scoring goals for fun! For example, in his Bundesliga debut for BVB, he came on as a substitute and scored a hat-trick! And within the opening two matches, he scored five goals!


As I mentioned before, his goal scoring rate is phenomenal. And he has such an impressive scoring rate at such a young age! Imagine what he can achieve if he maintains the same work rate and attitude throughout his career!


Not just BVB, but he also had an incredible scoring rate at other clubs that he has played for. Let us explore his early life and career now. Erling was born in Leeds, England. At that time, his father used to play for Premier League side Leeds United. He is a Norwegian national.


His father is a former football player and his mother is a former heptathlon athlete. In short, sports ran through the family’s blood! At a very young age, young Erling Haaland took part in sports such as – football, handball, golf etc. Eventually, he decided to choose his father’s path and opted to pursue football seriously.


Haaland’s journey started at the youth academy of Bryne FK. When playing with kids of his own age group, young Erling would simply dominate the match! He was so good that the coaches decided to draft him into the under-sixteen side!


He made his way through the club’s reserve team and finally managed to bag a spot in the main team. After playing for the first team, he secured a move to Molde FK. At Molde, he showed the world what he is capable of! At a very young age, he showed goal scoring prowess at the highest level of Norwegian football.


Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg is well known to identifying and nurturing young talents. They signed Erling Haaland and he scored seventeen goals for the club in all competitions (in sixteen matches). His incredible goal scoring rate, talent and young age prompted BVB to sign the youngster from Red Bull Salzburg.


As of now, he is playing for BVB and the Norway national team. He is a lethal striker. Sometimes, he makes things look so simple that it looks like he is scoring goals for fun! Erling also likes to meditate. According to him, it helps him keep calm and focused. Sometimes, after scoring a goal, he strikes the zen pose (indicating meditation).


At a very young age, Erling Haaland has earned lot of fame, money and created many personal records in the process. Despite all these achievements and his young age, he remains very humble. He is still very determined to learn and improve. On the field, he stays away from trash-talking. He lets his action do the talking on the field.

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