Essay on Daniel Ricciardo: My Idol, Favorite Sportsperson & Racing Driver

Daniel Ricciardo is my favorite racing driver and sportsperson. I consider him as a source of inspiration. The first positive thing about Daniel that comes to my mind is – his pleasant and positive personality! He always has that special smile on his face. Interviews, post-race presentation, events – no matter what the occasion is, Ricciardo will have that big old smile on his face!

Daniel Ricciardo Essay

I’m an avid racing fan. I take time to follow major racing events, teams and drivers. F1 is my favorite racing event. Only the most talented racing drivers make the cut to take part in F1. Among these talented drivers, Daniel Ricciardo is my favorite. He is my favorite sportsperson.


Daniel was born in Perth, Australia. He races under the Australian flag. At an early age, Ricciardo used to see his father take part in racing events. At the age of nine, he began karting. Seeing his dad race and access to karting at a young changed developed a passion for motor racing in him.


Let me describe his career part in short now. Initially, he raced for the Tiger Cart Club. Following that, he took part in the Formula Ford series. The following year, he earned a scholarship to the Formula BMW Asian championship.


He tasted victory in his debut season itself. The same year, he took part in the Formula BMW UK championship. Following his Formula BMW stint, he switched to Formula Renault. After two years, he made it to the Formula Three series. On many occasions, he displayed his skills and talent through sublime performances.


Let us talk about his Formula 1 career now. He entered the Formula 1 scene as a test driver for Red Bull Racing team. The team clearly saw his talent and decided to nurture it.


He represented Red Bull at the young drivers test. For the subsequent season, he was hired as the test and reserve driver of Toro Rosso – Red Bull Racing’s sister team. By now, Red Bull clearly knew how talented Daniel was. They just wanted to polish this rough diamond and produce a valuable gem!


In Formula 1, he has represented teams like HRT, Toro Rosso, Red Bull Racing, Renault and McLaren. He spent most of his time with Red Bull Racing. With Red Bull, he managed to put on some splendid shows for his fans and racing enthusiasts. With Red Bull Racing and Renault, he managed to bag many podium finishes.


As of now, he has joined the McLaren team. He is a quick learner and is quickly adapting to his new car.


I have many reasons to love Daniel Ricciardo. He is a source of inspiration for me. The best thing I like about him is – his personality. This man always shows up with a big smile. This trait teaches me to stay calm during any kind of adversity – to face each problem with a smile on one’s face.


Second thing – he is a fearless driver. He is fondly called ‘Honey Badger’. While in the car, he bids goodbye to fear. This allows him to take his car to its limits. And it also enables him to take calculated risks. Last but not the least, he is very disciplined when it comes to his lifestyle. He gives adequate importance to physical exercise and training. A young guy can derive much inspiration from Daniel’s life.

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