Essay on Damian Lillard: My Favorite Sportsperson & Icon

Damian Lillard is my favorite basketball player. I enjoy watching him play. In this essay, I’ll talk about my idol, his qualities, his style of play and things I like about him.

Damian Lillard Essay

Since childhood, I have enjoyed playing basketball. I had a small basketball and mini loop in my room. I used to play with my siblings in our room.


Growing up, I enjoyed playing basketball in the local basketball court in our neighborhood. My friends would gather around in the court after school and we’d play and have fun for hours.


I even played basketball for my school’s team. In short, I love playing basketball. The game helps me keep fit and healthy. It also taught me the importance of sportsmanship and respect. In a game, we face different set of challenges. The game teaches us to work hard and overcome those obstacles.


A game may result in a win or loss. It teaches us to strive for victory and show sportsmanship while facing defeat. In short, the game is not just about fun. It also teaches us many values and qualities.


Apart from playing basketball, I also enjoy watching it on the TV and internet. The NBA is my favorite basketball league. It is the best professional basketball league out there. It was while following NBA games that I saw Damian Lillard in action. The very first game that I saw him in action, I knew that this guy was special. That’s when I started following him closely. Gradually, I became an ardent fan of Damian Lillard.


It’s time to talk about his early life and career. Damian Lillard was born in Oakland, California. Since childhood, little Damian was passionate about basketball. From an early age, he showed signs of brilliance. He began his high school basketball career at the Arroyo High School. He has represented his high school basketball team in different tournaments.


He even got transferred to different schools. Irrespective of the school, Damian always gave it his all on the court. Throughout his high school career, he showed his true colors on the court.


Let us talk about his college career now. Damian Lillard joined the Weber State University and became an integral part of the University’s basketball team. During his college career, he even won the player of the year award on many occasions.


He began his professional career in 2012. He joined the Portland Trail Blazers. As of now, he is still playing for the Portland Trial Blazers. His position is – Point guard. He is a six time NBA All-Star player. This shows his class and ability. Apart from that, he has also won the NBA Rookie of the Year title.


Damian Lillard is also an artist. To be precise, he is a hip-hop artist and rapper. Yes, this guy is a versatile entertainer! He is also involved in philanthropic work. For example, he has created an initiative aimed at helping high school kids in Portland metro area.

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