Essay on Christian Pulisic: My Favorite Sportsperson, Footballer & Icon

Football is the most popular sport on this planet. I’m an avid football fan and player. Since childhood, I’ve been playing and watching football. So far, I’ve idolized many footballers. As of now, my favorite footballer is Christian Pulisic. He is my favorite footballer and sportsperson.

Christian Pulisic Essay

This essay is on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. Christian Pulisic is my favorite sportsperson and footballer.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar – the world of football is full of stars and super-stars. I admire these world class players. But as of now, one young player has made him his fan. He is none other than the USA winger Christian Pulisic.


Being born in London, I started playing football at an early age. I’ve been playing football on the streets and local parks since a very young age. In my childhood, I used to kick a football around with the local lads.


Many of us even joined the local football club and pursued the sport for some time seriously. We still take part in amateur tournaments and matches. Playing football is something that I enjoy the most. Playing the game involves lot of running and physical activity. It helps me keep my body in good physical condition.


Apart from that, it is a fun and stress-busting activity. Playing with friends on a fine weekend helps me get rid of all the stress and tension. In short, football forms an integral part of my life. Since I’m from London, I grew up supporting the best club of London – Chelsea FC.


I follow the club’s matches on TV. I even go to the stadium and catch live matches whenever possible. In 2019, Chelsea FC signed Christian Pulisic. This is when I started noticing him closely and regularly. The lad from USA has managed to impress me as well as other Chelsea fans.


On the field, Pulisic is a hard working winger. He is also capable of playing as an attacking midfielder. He has all the qualities it takes to become a world class winger or attacking midfielder. He has pace, strength, stamina, dribbling skills, technique and vision. Using his pace, he is able to run at defenders and beat them.


If the defender refuses to give up, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is good at dribbling and has good ball-control. Using his trickery, he is capable of beating defenders. A good winger or attacking midfielder must also have good passing skills, creativity, awareness and vision. Pulisic has all of these qualities in him.


His passing is great (long, short and crossing). He has good vision and is creative on the field. This helps him take part in/create goal scoring moves. His tactical awareness is top-notch. For a player of his age, Christian Pulisic is remarkably calm and mature. With the ball at his feet, he is calm and composed.


He also has a powerful and accurate shot. This enables him to score goals from distance as well as close range. On the field, he is a real threat for opponents. He is capable of scoring goals as well as providing assists.


At a very young age, Pulisic plays remarkably well in the world’s toughest league. He still has a lot to learn and improve. He’ll be a great asset for the club in the future.


Let us talk about his early life and career now. Christian Pulisic was born in Pennsylvania, USA. His parents played collegiate football. His father is a former professional indoor football player. His parents played a crucial role in Christian developing a taste for football.


Pulisic has played for clubs like Brackley Town and Michigan Rush. He was even a part of the US Soccer Development Academy club PA Classics. His breakthrough came when he was signed by German club Borussia Dortmund. He was drafted into the club’s under seventeen side. He rapidly progressed through the ranks and managed to break into the under nineteen side.


Seeing his amazing form and rapid development, the club decided to draft him into their senior team. In 2016, he made his Bundesliga debut. Christian had no trouble in establishing himself in Germany’s top flight football.


At Dortmund, he was well known for his pace and attacking instinct. He used to provide crucial assists as well as score crucial goals. He has played around 127 matches for Dortmund in all competitions.


Seeing the rapid development of the USA star, my favorite club Chelsea FC decided to sign him. In 2019, Pulisic made his EPL debut. He had no trouble in getting used to the direct and physically demanding playing style of the EPL.


As of now, he is still playing for Chelsea FC. He has played for the club in over seventy matches in all competitions. With Chelsea, he has won the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. I believe that the club will lift many more titles in the future and Pulisic will play an important role in all of the trophy winning campaigns.


At international level, he plays for the USA national team. With the national team, he has won the CONCACAF Nations League. At a very young age, Christian Pulisic has accomplished some impressive feats. For someone his age, Christian Pulisic is remarkably mature. His maturity is something that I’d like to develop in my life.

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