Essay on Bradley Beal: My Favorite Sportsperson & Icon

I’m a huge fan of basketball. I simply enjoy watching and playing basketball. My favorite sportsperson is the basketball player Bradley Beal. And this essay is dedicated to him.

Bradley Beal Essay

This essay is on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. As I mentioned before, basketball is my favorite sport. And naturally, my favorite sportsperson is a basketball player. He is none other than the exciting Bradley Beal.


His position is – Shooting Guard. He is a three time NBA All-Star player. I’ve been watching Bradley play for quite some time now. And he never fails to impress me! He has scored crucial points for his team on numerous occasions.


Let us talk about his early life and career now. Bradley Beal was born in Missouri, USA. He has four brothers. Since childhood, little Bradley was into various sports. His brothers mainly played football. Some of them still play football. But Bradley chose basketball. He was tailor-made for basketball. He had the height, strength, technique and skill to become a world class shooting guard.


Beal had a good high school basketball career. He attended the Chaminade College Preparatory school and represented the school’s team in various competitions. On some occasions, he even won the tournament MVP award. In short, he earned a name for himself during his high school basketball career.


After concluding an exciting and superb high school career, it was time for Bradley Beal to take the trip to his college! He joined the University of Florida and represented their basketball team. He continued his good form in college career as well.


In short, at high school and college levels, Bradley displayed what he is capable of. Coaches and spectators recognized his talent. They realized that this big guy was destined for greatness. Let us talk about his professional career now. It began in 2012 when he joined the NBA side Washington Wizards.


As of now, he is still playing for the Washington Wizards. So far, he has played pretty well for the team in all seasons. He is a very valuable member of the team. He is experienced and this experience comes handy during tricky situations.


Yes, injuries have troubled him time and again. To be honest, his statistics would have been much better without all those injuries pestering him. Injuries forced him to miss many games. He was frustrated at times, but he never gave up. He knew very well that it was just a phase. Instead of giving up, he recovered from those injuries, worked hard and came back even stronger.


With each season, Bradley has grown stronger and his game has become much better. Ask any game analyst and they will point out his Beal has improved in different areas of the game.


Scoring, rebounds, assists, steals – he has improved in every aspect of the game. It means that behind the scenes, he is working relentlessly on his game. And he is very humble at the same time. He says that he still has room for improvement. If he continues to work and improve at the same pace, he will become a super-star in the near future.


When his scoring rate increased, opposition coaches assigned multiple defenders to keep an eye on him. At first, he was intimidated by the extra attention he got from the defenders. But he adapted to the situation and tuned his style of play. If he improves his game, he will win the MVP award in the future for sure.


Self-improvement, hard work, dedication – these are some of Beal’s qualities, which I admire a lot. I’d like to develop these qualities in my life too. I sincerely hope that Beal will continue to perform at the highest level for a very long time.

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