Essay on Ben Simmons: My Favorite Sportsperson & Icon

I’m an avid basketball fan. I enjoy watching and playing basketball. This essay is on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. Since basketball is my favorite sport, my favorite sportsperson is also a basketball star. He is – Ben Simmons and this essay is dedicated to my hero Ben.

Ben Simmons Essay

Kids love and adore their favorite stars! Since childhood, I’ve been an avid fan of basketball. As a child, I had a mini hoop installed in my room. I used to practice in my room when I was a kid.


Gradually, I started playing on the street with my friends. Basketball has helped my find many good friends. It has also taught be the importance of values and qualities like – importance of hard work, mutual respect, team work, discipline etc.


Ever since I started playing on the streets with my friends, my skills developed rapidly. As of now, I play for amateur basketball club in my neighborhood. Besides playing basketball, I also enjoy watching it on TV and the internet.


The NBA is my favorite basketball league. I try to catch up with NBA action and highlights regularly. It is the best and the most competitive professional basketball league in this world. The league attracts the best talent from across the world.


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It is a delight to watch world class players fight it out on the court. One fine day, I was watching NBA highlights on the internet. That’s when I saw Ben Simmons in action for the first time. I was absolutely impressed after seeing his performance in that particular clip. That’s when I started following his career closely.


After seeing his performance for some more time, I simply became his fan! As of now, he is playing for the NBA side Philadelphia 76ers. His position is – Point guard/Power forward.


As I mentioned before, it is his style of play that made me his fan. I don’t care much about his personal life and the way he conducts himself off the court. His performance in the game is what impressed me the most.


Ben Simmons is a very talented player. He was born in Australia. His father is a former professional basketball player. His father’s love for basketball was passed on to little Ben too! Ever since his childhood, little Ben Simmons was totally into basketball.


At the age of seven, he started playing basketball seriously. In junior level basketball championships, Ben managed to impress the coaches and spectators alike. He was a gifted kid and was never shy of displaying his skills with the ball in his hand.


In 2013, he moved to the USA with the aim of competing against better opponents. He had a splendid high school career in the USA. On many occasions, he impressed his coaches and spectators through his performances.


After an impressive high school career, he managed to carry forward his tremendous form into his college career as well. While in college, he formed an integral part of the LSU Tigers men’s basketball team. He displayed many match-winning performances for LSU team. He was a favorite among spectators. His coaches loved him as well. He was a very coachable player, who believed in constant learning and improvement. This made him quite popular among his coaches and trainers as well.


After finishing an amazing college career, it was time for him to take on a new challenge – the professional career. His professional career began when he was signed by Philadelphia 76ers. Over all these seasons with the 76ers, Ben Simmons has been rock solid. He likes to give it all for his team. This is what sets him apart from the other average players.


As I mentioned before, Ben Simmons is a talented basketball player. But mere talent alone won’t help a player in the NBA. The NBA is the most competitive basketball league in the world. In order to make a name in the NBA, a player must have something special in him! And Ben has that ‘special thing’! It is nothing but hard work and determination.


For example, at one stage, he realized that his shooting game needed improvement. He immediately hired his brother as his shooting coach. This shows his willingness to learn new things, improve himself and further develop his game. Ben Simmons is still pretty young. So far, he has won many accolades and honors. NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA steals leader, NBA All-Star – these are some of the popular accolades he has won.

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