Essay on Anthony Davis: My Favorite Sportsperson & Icon

This essay is on the topic – my favorite sportsperson. My favorite sport is basketball. Naturally, my favorite sportsperson is a basketball player. He is none other than Anthony Davis. This essay is dedicated to him. Here, I’ve covered the following details – an outline of his career, his achievements, his qualities and interesting facts about his life.

Anthony Davis Essay

I’m a huge fan of basketball. I enjoy playing it as well as watching it on TV and the internet. Since childhood, I had a huge interest in basketball. I enjoyed receiving mini hoops and basketballs as gifts from my parents as well as relatives.


Growing up, I started following basketball leagues and matches on TV. NBA is my favorite professional basketball league. I enjoy watching the NBA. Nowadays, I can catch all the NBA action on my mobile phone.


Watching the NBA, I’ve come across many basketball super stars. Some of them are – LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant etc. But my favorite basketball player is – Anthony Davis. He is a source of inspiration.


His position is – Power forward/Center. He is a talented player and performs at the highest level. He delivers results consistently. As of now, he is an NBA Champion and has been an NBA All-Star eight times. These accolades display his ability and talent.


As of now, he is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers team. He is a versatile and complete player. He is huge, athletic, has good shooting skills, is good defensively and gives it his all for the team. I became his fan after he joined the LA Lakers. My favorite NBA team is LA Lakers.


Anthony Davis has worked hard on improving his game. When he made his professional debut, it was evident that he was talented. Coaches, spectators and analysts could see that Anthony is a gifted player.


He didn’t let the praise get into his head. He had to work hard to make use of his talent. In recent years, it looked as if he just got even more motivated! In the last few years, I observed how he worked on his skills and technique to improve them. For example, just take a look at his attributes like – shooting, movement, leaping and defensive contribution.


He fares well in all of these areas. A few years back, he was not as efficient or polished in those areas. He was supremely talented, but he was not ‘up there’ yet. However, he worked on his skills and technique and has become a versatile and effective player now.


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Let us talk about his early life and career now. Anthony Davis was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since his childhood, little Anthony was into basketball. He loved playing the game with his friends.


The first major turn in a professional basketball player’s career is – high school career. Let us talk about Anthony Davis’ high school basketball career. He played high school basketball for the Perspectives Charter. Though the school had limited sports amenities, Anthony performed well for the team. He was an invaluable member of the team.


He earned many awards, accolades and honors while playing for his high school basketball team. He was capable of performing some amazing feats on the court. This helped him earn the attention of various colleges across the USA.


It was time for young Anthony to begin his college basketball career. He joined the University of Kentucky and became a part of their basketball team – The Kentucky Wildcats. At college, he worked on his shooting and dribbling. Seeing his progress, they were amazed. He could score three pointers with great accuracy and could dribble with the ball and take on opposition players efficiently.


Let us talk about his professional career now. After his college career, it was time for Anthony Davis to take on the biggest challenge in his life – his professional career. He joined the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans and began his professional career in style.


The NBA can’t be compared to university level basketball. The NBA is a superior league where the best players play. Anthony had to work extra hard to fit into the league. He suffered some serious injuries during his stay at the club. But he braved those injuries and came back stronger. In 2018, he requested a trade and was able to join the LA Lakers. As of now, he is still playing for the Lakers. He has evolved into a versatile and efficient player. Scoring, defending, dribbling – he has improved in these areas.


I like the way he honed his technique and skills to become a better version of himself. I’d like to do the same in my life – self-improvement.

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