Essay on Angel Di Maria: My Favorite Sportsperson, Idol & Footballer

I’m a huge fan of football. And this essay is dedicated to Angel Di Maria – my favorite footballer, my idol and source of inspiration. Here, I’ll discuss about his life, career, his influence on my life and reasons why I admire him.

Angel Di Maria Essay

I’ve been a huge football fan from my childhood. At a very young age, I started playing the beautiful game on the streets near my home. Gradually, I started following various football events on television.


EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga – I follow most of the top European Leagues regularly. This led to me developing an interest in players performing at the highest level in these leagues. This is how Angel Di Maria caught my attention.


After watching him play for a few matches, I fell in love with this player. Let us talk about his childhood now. Angel Di Maria was hyper-active as a child. It seemed as if the little guy was full of energy and would never run out of it!


This was a cause of worry for his parents. Little Di Maria would run around his home, wreaking havoc! His parents took him to a Doctor. The doctor suggested his parents to let Angel play football. He asked them to allow his son to play for a local club or team.


This is how young Angel Di Maria was introduced to football. Gradually, he fell in love with the game. And he was quite good at it too. But owing to poor economic circumstances at his home, it was very difficult for Di Maria’s parents to support their son’s footballing activity.


Such was their condition that even young Angel used to support his parents at work. With persistence, hard work and determination, Angel Di Maria became a professional at Rosario Central club. From there, there has been no looking back!


He let his performances do the talking on the pitch. Soon, big European teams started circling the young Argentine. It was Portuguese club Benfica who managed to sign him. He thrived at his new club. He scored goals galore for his new club. He was also particularly well known for his crosses and assists.


He made a name for himself at Benfica. The fans loved him too. His scintillating displays for the club caught the attention of Real Madrid. And in 2010, he joined the Spanish giants in a high-profile deal.


With Real, he won many awards, accolades and trophies. He helped them win the La Decima. At Real, he was deployed as a winger, attacking midfielder and even as a central midfielder. His versatility on the pitch was well utilized by the then manager Carlo A.


In 2014, he joined English club Manchester United. His stint at the EPL side was not very memorable. As part of a fresh start, he joined the French club – Paris Saint Germain. At PSG, he has amassed many league titles, awards and trophies.


Let us talk about his International career now. Recently, Angel helped his nation lift the Copa America (2021 edition). Throughout the tournament, he played exceptionally well. In the final, his goal proved to be the difference between Argentina and opponents Brazil.


His crucial goal helped Argentina lift a major trophy after a long interval at the international stage. From a tough childhood, Angel has managed to achieve so much in his life. His determination, discipline and hard work helped him achieve this magnificent feat! And I hope that by developing such qualities, I will be able to excel in whatever field/domain I choose in my life.

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