Problem that Gujarati medium Engineering students face: English

In most of the Engineering Colleges across Gujarat, one can spot a trend in results, when it comes to first semester exams. One can easily notice that a good proportion of students, who completed schooling in Gujarati Medium, will end up racking up too many ATKTs! And there is a reason behind this alarming trend- they are weak, when it comes to English language!


In case of Professional courses and Engineering Colleges, the language used for teaching is English. I agree that some institutes prefer to teach in Gujarati and Hindi language also, for the sake of its students. But most institutes and their professors stick to English language, when it comes to Lab sessions and lectures.

Students coming from Gujarati Medium usually don’t have trouble writing down things in English language. But it is their vocabulary and understanding of the language that really needs vast improvement. I’ve observed that they fail to understand the basic concepts that are being taught in the lectures.

This means that despite them going to attend lectures, things they learn and understand is next to zero! But they usually manage to complete file work and lab work by jotting down the material from friends, who are usually from English medium and are comfortable with English language.

A new Engineering academic session has begun now. I urge Gujarati medium students who are in their first year of Engineering to take up English more seriously. It’ll come handy, believe me. Do make use of this article to pass GTU examinations easily. Also, this article will help you learn English quickly. If you found this article to be useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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