Top 10 Engineering Branches to get a Government Job easily

Which Engineering course to do to get a Government Job after Graduation? Read on to find some such Engineering Branches-

After 12th Science, students have loads of professional courses to choose from. Among the long list of courses, Engineering is one of the most sought after course. While this trend may look harmless at first sight, it brings along with it one dark problem- job market saturation. The huge numbers of students opting for Engineering course has led to it becoming saturated. By saturated, I mean that so many Engineering graduates are passing out of Colleges each year that it has become difficult for Engineering graduates to find a decent job! A good way to deal with this problem is by pursuing less saturated Engineering branches. Another way to tackle this issue is by choosing an Engineering branch that will help one get Government jobs easily! In this article, I’ve dealt with the latter solution! Yes, I’ve listed those Engineering branches, which will help one get Government job easily!

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Want to become a Government Employee after Graduation? These Engineering Branches will help you land a Govt Job easily after Graduation-


Advantages of getting a Government job

Before we jump into the meat of the matter, let us check out some prominent advantages, which comes along with a Government job!


The first and foremost advantage is the availability of job security! Talking about the Private sector, job security remains a fictional topic! Private jobs come along with performance evaluations, deadlines, heavy work load etc! Failing to deal with the above mentioned factors will result in one being axed from job! On the other hand, these thing doesn’t really bother Government employees! Yes, severe incompetence may see them get suspended. But such things happen only in severe cases of incompetence and carelessness!


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Payment and perks are also handsome, in case of Government employees. Bonuses are provided on many occasions! Also, pension schemes are also provided, when they retire from service!


Most Government jobs also come along with fixed timings and working hours. There is nothing like working overtime, when it comes to many Government job posts. While in case of Private sector jobs, working hours are often longer. It may also require employees to stay and work at office beyond the regular working hours!


Government employees also get to enjoy numerous holidays too. I must say that for them, the year is punctuated with well timed holidays! But the holiday part is not relevant, in case of Government jobs like Police Force, Armed Forces etc! Government employees also get to enjoy a decent amount of casual holidays too!


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Now let us check out the list of Engineering branches one by one. Please note that these Engineering branches won’t guarantee you a Government job. At the end of the day, you must crack state as well as National level competitive exams in order to get a Government job!


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Engineering branches that will help one get Government job easily

1 Electrical Engineering

Power Poles

Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering is one of the traditional branches of Engineering. It is one of the Core branches. It is from this branch that may other Engineering fields and branches were born!


Electrical Engineers are needed by heavy Industries. Number of Government job opportunities are available to them.


Some very well known Government job posts for which Electrical Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for are- State Electricity Board jobs, Indian Railways, BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), Indian Army, Indian Navy, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) etc.


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Apart from the above mentioned Government organizations, there are other departments too, where they may get jobs.


2 Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


A traditional and core branch of Engineering this is! It is said that this branch is the most valuable one, when talking about career prospects!


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Mechanical Engineers also may apply for Government job posts in departments like- Indian Railways, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, DRDO, BHEL, PWD (Public Works Department) etc.


3 Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Not a core branch, but still is very valuable though, looking from career prospects’ point of view! Chemical Engineering is seen as a tough course.


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Talking about job opportunities in Government sector, there are many options available for Chemical Engineering graduates! They may apply for jobs in departments such as Drug department, Indian Oil Corporation, Government managed refineries, Fertilizer Corporation of India, DRDO, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) etc.


4 Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is a core branch of Engineering. Government departments need qualified Civil Engineers to deal with tasks such as creating structures of public utility, maintaining them, town planning, planning transportation networks such as Railways and Roadways etc.


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Based on the above mentioned types of works, Civil Engineering Graduates may find job in various Government departments. Some of those departments are- PWD (Public Works Department), NHAI (National Highways Authority of India), Town Planning Office, State wise Government sponsored Building projects, Indian Railways etc.


5 Electronics and Communications Engineering


EC Engineering


Though not as good as above mentioned branches, when it comes to helping land a Government job, EC Engineering still offers certain Government job openings though! Something is better than nothing, isn’t it?


Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, DRDO, BSNL etc are some of the prominent Government departments where EC graduates may find job easily!


6 Biotechnology




Biotechnology is a relatively new entrant, when it comes to the world of professional courses in India. Still, I felt it important to mention it in this article due to the immense potential that this course possesses!


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Research sector associated with this sector looks promising! So, Government funded research programs will be one prominent source of employment. Then comes departments like Forensic Department, DRDO etc.


7 Petroleum Engineering


Petroleum Engineering


Like Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering graduates too may find jobs in Government organizations such as Indian Oil Corporation, Government operated Refineries, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) etc.


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8 Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural Engineering branch doesn’t enjoys the popularity that other branches mentioned in this article does! Still, there are many job posts available for Agricultural Engineering graduates in the Government sector.


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The Department of Agriculture has many Officer posts for which Agricultural Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for!


9 Dairy Technology and Engineering


Dairy Technology


Like Agriculture Engineering, Dairy Technology and Engineering too gets to enjoy low popularity in comparison to the other branches mentioned in the article.


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Dairy Technology and Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for number of Officer category posts in Dairy Development department.


10 Food Processing and Technology

Food Processing

Food Processing and Technology

This branch is all about Food production, processing, packaging, preservation and the use of technology and Engineering techniques in aiding the above mentioned stages present in the Food Processing Industry. After Graduation, one may land a Government job in State wise Food Boards, Agriculture Boards, Health Boards etc.


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The above mentioned Engineering branches would make the process of landing a Government job easier for you! In case of all the Branches mentioned above, if you pursue M.E./M.Tech. Degree after Graduation, you may also become a Lecturer in a Government College! But please note that just pursuing any of the above mentioned courses will not guarantee you Government employment! For that, you must crack the state as well as National level competitive examinations first! Always watch out for Government job advertisements, register, appear for the exam and crack the exam!

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