Best Diploma Paramedical Courses in India

Do you want to build a decent career in allied healthcare sector? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best Diploma paramedical courses available in India. In this post, you will find the names of popular diploma paramedical courses. Apart from the names of courses, you will also find additional information such as – scope, eligibility criteria, duration and admission process.

Diploma Paramedical courses

Healthcare sector is growing at a healthy pace in India. This sector is known to generate ample amount of job opportunities.


Allied healthcare workers play a huge role in ensuring the smooth functioning of healthcare sector. Skilled allied healthcare workers are in huge demand in India and abroad. Allied healthcare workers usually assist Doctors and Nurses. They are also capable of performing non-clinical and some clinical tasks at healthcare institutes.


If you want to build an entry level career in this sector, this post will be of help to you. Here, you will find the names of popular paramedical courses (Diploma).


In India, paramedical courses are available in different formats. Some such notable formats include –

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Diploma
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree


Bachelor’s and Diploma programs fall under the academic level known as UG level. It stands for undergraduate level. Master’s Degree courses fall under the academic level known as PG. It stands for postgraduate level. Doctoral Degree courses are research based programs.


In this post, we will deal with Diploma format courses only. For an exhaustive list of paramedical courses, check out this guide – list of paramedical courses after 12th.


Come, let us check out the list of Diploma paramedical courses. Please note that the list provided here is not exhaustive in nature! I’ve listed only popular courses in this post.


List of Diploma paramedical courses in India

Here are some of the popular Diploma paramedical courses available in India –


1 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

This training program is also known by the name of – Diploma in MLT. As the name suggests, this program deals with medical laboratory technology. We all know what a medical laboratory is all about. It is a place where samples such as blood, phlegm and urine are tested to identify diseases in patients.


Medical labs play an integral role in diagnosing diseases in patients. A typical medical lab consists of different types of devices, equipment, storage units, refrigeration units etc. Medical lab technicians are trained professionals who are capable of operating these devices and performing diagnostic tests.


2 Diploma in Radiography

This training program deals with medical imaging technology. In order to observe internal organs and structures, we rely on medical imaging. There exists different types of medical imaging technology. X-Ray, CT Scan, Sonography – these are some of the forms of medical imaging.


Diploma in Radiography course will train you in different areas of medical imaging technology. The training program deals with relevant equipment, medical imaging techniques, patient education etc.


3 Diploma in Optometry

Optometry deals with study of the visual system. The training program deals with diseases, disorders and conditions affecting the visual system of human beings. Candidates are also trained in corrective measures such as – prescribing spectacles and contact lenses.


After completing this course, you will be able to operate relevant diagnostic equipment, prescribe & dispense spectacles and contact lenses etc.


4 Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

As the name suggests, this training program deals with nursing sector. This is a certificate level nursing training program. Compared to nursing programs like ANM, GNM and B.Sc. Nursing, this program holds much less value.


Still, this training program can help you obtain an entry level job. After completing this training program, you will be able to find work at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, old age homes etc.


5 Diploma in Medical Record Technology

Healthcare institutes such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes maintain patient records. A medical record consists of different types of details about a patient. For example – it consists of personal details, body status, symptoms, medication prescribed, progress report etc.


Diploma in Medical Record Technology program will train you in areas such as – preparing medical reports, maintaining medical reports, computer application and communication skills.


6 Diploma in Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists usually assist Dentists. They help dentists during surgery, examination of patients and patient preparation/education. They are trained in both clinical and non-clinical aspects of dentistry.


7 Diploma in Dialysis Technology

As the name suggests, this training program deals with dialysis technology. Dialysis process involves complex equipment. This program will train you to operate and monitor dialysis equipment.


The program will also train you in areas such as – patient education, patient care and communication skills. After completing this course, you will be able to find work at healthcare institutes that offer dialysis services.


8 Diploma in Community Health Care

Community healthcare workers apply their skills at community level. They take care of a large part of population (unlike individual care in healthcare institutes). They can be seen working at village or community level in villages, towns and municipalities.


9 Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

This training program is also known by the name of – DOTT. This program deals with operation theatre technology and its allied areas. Operation theatre is where complex surgeries are carried out. Doctors and nurses play a crucial role while performing surgeries. Operation theatre technicians usually assist Doctors and nurses during surgeries. They take care of pre and post surgery activities such as – preparing/cleaning operation table, cleaning equipment, patient preparation etc.


10 Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology

Anaesthesia technicians usually work under qualified anaesthetists. They perform tasks such as – prepare relevant equipment, assist Doctors/nurses etc.


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Course duration may vary from one course to another. It may also vary from one institute to another. Generally, it is around two to three years.


Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria may vary from one course to another. In case of most of the above mentioned courses, minimum educational qualification required is – 12th pass with science subjects. Some other courses can even be pursued by 10th pass students.

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