Digital Marketing Careers in India

This article deals with the topic “Digital Marketing careers in India”. Digital Marketing has gained huge popularity in the recent years. It has become such an influential and important factor that companies – big, medium and small scale – can’t afford to ignore Digital Marketing! It’s potential is huge. This article covers details about careers and job opportunities available in the field of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing careers in India

“What exactly is Digital Marketing?”, you may ask. For starters, here’s the definition of DM –


Digital Marketing deals with marketing products or services using digital technologies. The term digital technologies include the internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital medium.


It is a very vast field covering various subjects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, E Commerce, Lead Generation, E Mail Marketing, Data Analytics, Big Data, Web Designing, Graphics Design & Content Marketing.


As you can see, Digital Marketing is like an umbrella. There are many individual modules present under this umbrella. Some such modules/components are- SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E Mail Marketing, Content Marketing and Data Analytics.


Thanks to the vastness/huge size of of Digital Marketing and the availability of various individual components, there is no dearth of job opportunities in this field. In fact there are various job profiles available in front of Digital Marketing professionals in India.


Before heading to the meat of the matter – Digital Marketing jobs in India – let us check out how Digital Marketing came to limelight and how it garnered the attention of businesses.


Digital Marketing rose to prominence in India after 2010-2011. By this time, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter had gained huge popularity in India. It was evident that businesses had to make their online presence felt (in the above mentioned platforms) in order to build and retain a loyal customer base.


Since then, many businesses (big and small) have formed a dedicated Digital Marketing wing within their team! This has been done with the aim of forming good Digital Marketing strategy and executing Digital Marketing plans/campaigns flawlessly.


Let us check out list of Digital Marketing careers in India


Digital Marketing careers in India

Digital Marketing professionals in India have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. Some of the main job profiles are –


Overview of job profiles
Digital Marketing Manager:
Head of the Digital Marketing Department. Plans and executes campaigns.
SEO Specialist:
Looks after Search Engine Optimization work.
SEM Specialist:
Looks after Search Engine Marketing work.
Inbound Marketer:
Converts traffic into leads and customers using sales funnels and other techniques.
Content Marketer:
Creates compelling content to attract visitors to website.
Content Writer:
Responsible for creating content.
Social Media Marketer:
Carries out promotional campaigns on social media sites.
Analytics Specialist:
Monitors and analyzes data. Monitors progress of campaigns and ROI.
Provides writing services. Adds to the value of advertisements and content.


Let us take a closer look at each job profile and find out more details about them –


Digital Marketing job opportunities and profiles


1 Digital Marketing Manager

This job post can be said to be the ‘highest’ in the chain of command (within the DM team). Digital Marketing Manager is the one who is responsible for the efficient functioning of the DM team.


Planning & strategising, monitoring progress, project/campaign management, interdepartmental coordination, staff management etc are some of the important tasks performed by DM Managers.


Digital Marketing Managers make sure than each department (SEO, SEM, SMM, Inbound Marketing) etc are working in tandem. They also monitor progress of the campaign and pitch in with suggestions/actions whenever required.


2 SEO Professional/Specialist

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about optimizing web entities in such a way that they rank well in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Search Engines provide businesses with free traffic! SEO professionals implement techniques that helps drive free traffic to their website (business) from Search Engines.


SEO, as a field, is prone to continuous change! Search ranking factors and algorithm change frequently. In short, SEO professionals must keep themselves up-to-date with the latest developments.


3 SEM (Search Engine Marketer)

In the above section, I mentioned what SEO is and how it works. Yes, free traffic is good. But getting free traffic from search engines is not an easy task! That’s where SEM comes handy! SEMs do utilize paid and other means to market products and services through search engines. Their prime focus is usually on paid promotions using platforms such as AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo ads etc.


SEM is all about using search engines to market products and services. In other words, it is all about promoting one’s business through search engines.


4 Social Media Manager

You must have noticed that big brands have great presence on social networking sites. For example, popular brands have lively Facebook pages where they post updates, images, messages, organize competitions and more!


Social Media Managers are responsible for the above mentioned activities. They make sure that the business has a lively presence on social media websites. They make sure that customers interact with them on such platforms.


5 Social Media Marketer

This job profile is quite similar to the one mentioned above. But SMMs focus more on paid advertisements/promotional campaigns on social media sites. They are responsible for crafting paid posts/advertisements in such a way that the ad reaches the right audience (known as audience targeting).


Have you ever noticed posts and offers labeled ‘promoted’ on your Facebook or Twitter feed? If yes, those are ads/promoted content targeted to reach you. It is possible that the ad may have been designed/created by an SMM working for that particular brand!


6 Content Marketer

As the name suggests, content marketers are responsible for composing and marketing content.Blog posts, sales pages, general information, promotional e mails etc are examples of content. Content marketers work in tandem with SEOs.


Content marketers create compelling content and distribute it. This content is used to attract audience (traffic) to one’s business (website). In some DM teams, there exist content writers, who are responsible for content creation.


7 Analytics Specialist/Professional

Some Digital Marketing teams are known to have analytics specialists. This is the age of data analytics. Much can be known about the progress of a DM campaign by analyzing various forms of data it has generated.


Playing around with data is not an easy task. Analytics specialists indulge in data mining and analytics before, during and after (completing) the campaign. Input from analytics professional can help get a campaign off to a flying start. The input can also be used to fine tune a running campaign and maximize the results.


8 Copywriter

Copywriters can add to the value of work done by Social Media Marketers, Content Marketers, E Mail Marketers and Search Engine Marketers. They are capable of making content and ads more compelling and attractive.


9 Inbound Marketer

Inbound marketing deals with attracting traffic (inbound) to your business and then converting the visitors into customers. At first, this process may seem simple. But it is not that easy though!


The first step in this process is to generate a lead. Lead generation means converting strangers into potential customers (who are interested in your service or product). Leads or visitors then have to be converted into customers through sales funnels. The entire process consists of stages like preparing landing pages, placing CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons at appropriate places etc.


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Inbound marketers usually work in tandem with content marketers and copywriters. Content marketers help them in preparing content (used to drive inbound traffic). Copywriters help them in creating landing pages that are capable of converting inbound traffic into leads!


Digital Marketing professionals are usually hired by Digital Marketing Agencies, MNCs, Startups, Social Media Marketing Agencies, Data Analytics Agencies, Internet Technology Businesses, Web Portals etc. Self employment is another opportunity available in front of Digital Marketers. They may start own DM agency or work as a freelancer! Read this article for more details about DM courses- Digital Marketing Courses.

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