Digital Marketing After Engineering (B.E. or B.Tech.)

Have you completed engineering education? Are you interested in the field of Digital Marketing? If yes, this article will be of help to you. In this article, I’ve discussed topics like importance, relevance & usefulness of Digital Marketing to engineering graduates, list of courses available in front of graduates and some useful facts.

Digital Marketing after Engineering

The question: Can you?

First of all, let me tell you that anyone can start learning Digital Marketing. Anyone with basic knowledge about the internet can start learning it! In short, engineering graduates hailing from any discipline may go for digital marketing training.


Importance and usefulness

Next comes the ‘importance’ and ‘relevance’ part. Will digital marketing skills be of help to you? Well, the answer to this question depends upon the nature of your work.


For example, if you are a Civil Engineering graduate, working at a construction firm, performing site work, digital marketing won’t help you boost your productivity! DM skills will be of help to graduates whose work is related to fields like IT, marketing and sales. Folks working at startups related to digital enterprises will also find DM skills to be of use!


Still, if you are a knowledge seeker, you may go for digital marketing training, whatever the nature of your work may be. Knowledge is power! Possessing DM skills may open new doors of opportunities in front of you. So, if you love learning new things and like to experiment, you may go for DM training and acquire some useful skills and knowledge through it.


If you are unemployed, it is well worth giving digital marketing training a shot! It may open new doors of opportunities in front of you!


What I like the most about Digital Marketing skills is the fact that they can help you become self employed. DM skills can help you start your own internet marketing activities.


The best thing about DM courses is the fact that they are available in online learning format across various platforms. There are numerous websites and institutes offering digital marketing lessons out there! They offer online learning programs, which are convenient (timing-wise).


Such institutes and websites also provide certificates on course completion. These certificates does add some value to your CV. After all, this is the age of digital marketing. And possessing DM skills will add value to your CV!



Here’s a handy table that contains names of most of the Digital Marketing courses available in India –

Courses Overview
Certification Courses: Certification program in Digital Marketing, Online Marketing and Certification Training, Certified Digital Marketing Master
Diploma Courses: Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Search Engine Marketing, Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Diploma in Mobile Marketing
Short Courses (individual modules): Mobile Marketing Certification, Search Engine Marketing Certification, Social Media Marketing Certification etc


For an exhaustive list, check out this article- Digital Marketing courses in India.

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