Dental Hygienist: Diploma Course Vs Certificate Course

After writing an article about Diploma in Dental Hygienist course, I’ve been getting loads of queries about the availability of other formats of this course in India. Readers have been asking me whether there is a certificate version of this course available in India. Basically they wanted to know the availability status of certificate course, its value and career prospects associated with the certificate course.

Dental Hygienist

Yes, some paramedical institutes are known to offer Dental Hygienist certificate course. Yes, the course duration is often shorter that what it is in case of Diploma in Dental Assistant course.


While course duration (shorter duration) is an advantage, certificate course is not as valued as its Diploma counterpart! Yes, certificate course won’t help you land very good job. At best, it will help you get entry level job at dental clinics and hospitals (dental wards). Moreover, certificate course won’t let you climb up the career ladder easily. On the other hand, Diploma holders may go for advanced studies and climb up the career growth ladder relatively easily!


Recognition of the course is another major issue. Diploma in Dental Hygienist is the most commonly recommended and recognized course in India (to become a Dental Hygienist). Keeping the above factors in mind, it is safe to conclude that Diploma course is the better choice!


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If you are interested in pursuing a job oriented paramedical course after completing 12th standard, Diploma in Dental Hygienist will be a good course. This course will help you become a licensed Dental Hygienist and start working as an oral healthcare practitioner in India.

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