Work Abroad: Courses to study to get a job abroad

Working abroad is a dream that many Indian students and youngsters nourish. But many of them fail in realizing this dream! This happens mainly due to the fact that they are unaware of important details, such as courses and careers that will help them get a job abroad easily! In this article, you will be reading about different careers and courses associated with those careers, which will help you find a good job abroad.


Before we get to the main point of the article, let me mention some advantages of landing a job abroad. Here are reasons why Indians want to work abroad-

Work abroad

Main advantages of working abroad

  • Better living standards
  • Better remuneration
  • Chance to experience new culture
  • Acquire advanced skills
  • Gaining an International perspective
  • Improved career growth


As you can see, the advantages of working abroad, especially in Western Countries and Europe, are many! Let us now check out career and courses, which will have good prospects in the future. These courses and careers will help you get that dream job abroad! Also check – Degree courses abroad after 12th & Diploma courses abroad after 12th.


Careers and courses to get a job abroad easily

According to surveys, analytics and research, it has been found that some sectors will experience a rise in terms of investment and development in the near future. As a result, these sectors will grow at a phenomenal rate and will thus produce many job opportunities.


The good news is that Indian Graduates and Professionals are always in good demand in Western Countries and Europe. With the increase in number of job opportunities, recruitment of Indian nationals is also expected to increase!


Here are those sectors, which are expected to see a rise in their profile- Insurance, Healthcare, Financial Services, Tourism and Hospitality, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Infrastructure, Telecom, IT, Agribusiness and Engineering services.


Professionals working in any of the above mentioned careers will thus stand an improved chance of landing a job abroad. If you are a student and are yet to select a professional course, select a course that is associated with any one of the above mentioned sectors! Let us go through all the career and course details now-


Career details and courses associated with them


1 Pharmaceuticals

The Global Pharmaceutical Industry will see immense growth by 2020. Job opportunities will improve. Especially the production, technology and research sectors of Pharmaceutical Industry will generate numerous job opportunities for Indian Nationals. In India too, job opportunities will increase!


To build a career in this Industry and find a job abroad, professional courses such as- Bachelor of Pharmacy, Pharm D, M Pharmacy etc will be of help. Good College, good academic performance and grades will improve your chances of finding a job abroad.


2 Engineering Services

The broad sector of Engineering services is also expected to generate number of job opportunities abroad. Especially in Middle-East nations, Infrastructure and Energy related jobs will be generated in abundance! Engineering sectors like Computer Science and IT will help one get a good job in USA/Europe.


Here are some good Engineering branches, which will help you build a good career abroad-

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering


The Core Engineering Branches and Petroleum Engineering Branch will help one find good job in Gulf Countries. Production and manufacturing related Industries will also generate job opportunities. Core Branches of Engineering will also help one find job in those sectors!


In case of sectors like IT and Computer Engineering, even B.Sc. courses and BCA course will help you out. It is not always necessary to go for B.Tech. course.


3 Infrastructure

Big things are expected from this field. The good thing about this sector is that it always is in demand. This makes it recession proof, to an extent (when compared to other sectors like IT, CS etc).


Courses like Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture will help you build a good career abroad in this sector.


4 Energy

Nations producing Oil and Natural gas will generate and is still generating many job opportunities for Indian nationals. With the right educational qualification, one will be able to land a high salary job! Middle-East Nations are the prime job providers. Typical job revolves around refinery, oil and natural gas extraction and processing, its transportation etc. Jobs related to the refinery sector comes along with high salary package!


Useful courses, which will help you build a career in this sector are- Petroleum Engineering, Fire and Safety Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.


5 Healthcare

With increase in population, Healthcare sector will see an increase in its work. This increase in work will also ensure that more and more job opportunities are also generated in this field. Qualified Indian healthcare professionals have always been in huge demand in Western countries as well as Gulf countries. Healthcare professionals are not given the importance and remuneration that they truly deserve, when it comes to India. But abroad, they are given much importance, respect and a good salary package.


Courses that will help one build a career in healthcare sector are- MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BPT (Physiotherapy), Nursing (B.Sc./Diploma), Occupational Therapy (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharm D. Advanced PG qualifications will further boost your chances of landing a job abroad!


6 Agricultural Sciences

Increase in World population has been causing us many problems. Food production is one such problem/challenge. Agricultural Sciences is one such field that we all look up to, when it comes to solving this problem. Research and Development sector associated with this field is growing fast. Qualified professionals from India will be recruited by Foreign nations.


Useful courses, which will help build a career in this sector are- B.Sc. Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Information Technology, Food Processing and Technology, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Doing advanced PG courses will boost your chances of finding a good job abroad.


7 Biotechnology

Like Agricultural Sciences, the R&D sector associated with this field is going through a phase of immense growth. Thanks to this growth phase, tons of job opportunities are also being generated abroad. This field influences other sectors like- healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and Energy.


Courses that will help one build a career in this sector are- B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.E./B.Tech. Biotechnology and Biology (Pure Science). Advanced courses like M.E./M.Tech. and M.Sc. could boost your chances of finding job abroad.


8 Bioinformatics

Like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics also is an emerging and important field. It is important because it directly influences a number of other fields such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Bioinformatics field consists of important tasks like Genome Analysis, developing Bioinformatics Software, Bioinformatics Database and Graphics. The R&D sector associated with this field is quite lucrative.


Courses which will be of help in developing a career in this field are- Biology (Pure Science), Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Usually, Bioinformatics course is available in the form of PG course only. For example- M.Sc. course. It would be better to study a Bachelor’s Degree course first and then specialize in the field of Bioinformatics through a PG course!


9 Training and HR Management

Companies and Industries are keen to recruit skilled and talented workers. But remuneration of such professionals is also high! To avoid this expense, Companies give extra attention towards honing the skills and training of their existing employees. Thanks to this trend, job opportunities associated with the field of HR Management and training is also increasing!


To build a career in this sector, relevant MBA Degree (HR) will be of help.


10 Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Areas of Financial Services like Asset Management, Broking and Investment Management are all set to get a boost! Similar are the cases of Banking and Insurance sectors. Qualified Indian professionals will be roped in by Financial Service Institutions from USA and Europe!


Courses to pursue to build a career in this sector are- relevant MBA Degree (Finance, International Business, Banking), Diploma in Banking and Finance, Economics (Bachelor’s and PG course) etc.


11 Retail Sector

With rise in population, demand for goods will also increase! Retail sector will be catering to most of this demand. In Western Countries and Europe, the Retail Industry will be responsible for supplying and meeting this huge increase in demand. For this, they will require qualified man power. Indian professionals stand a good chance to get recruited.


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To build a rewarding career in the Retail Industry abroad, following courses will be of help- Diploma in Retail Management, BMS/BBA in Retail Management, relevant MBA Degree etc.


If finding a decent job abroad is your prime priority, the above mentioned careers and professional courses associated with them will be of help to you. Kindly note that doing relevant PG course after completing Bachelor’s course will boost your chances of landing a job. I will add more courses and careers to this list.

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