Courses and jobs for 10th pass and 12th failed students

Courses and jobs for 10th pass and 12th failed

So, are you a 12th standard failed student? You may be disappointed with your results. Nowadays, even degree holders are finding it tough to land good jobs. 12th standard is almost mandatory for any small office job. But don’t you worry, there are still many ways you can land a job with decent income without having to pass 12th standard. So, put that ‘12th failed’ thing behind and prepare for life ahead.

This list introduces to you many courses/job opportunities, which many 12th standard failed students may try and join. These jobs may not be ‘high-profile’, but they are decent jobs and earn you some good money. However, the author strongly suggests that you re-write the 12th standard exams and pass it at any cost. Because, by doing so, you stand a chance to land better paying jobs! Now read the article:

1 Jobs in Indian Navy

Indian Navy

Indian Navy offer you a challenging job and an excellent quality of life. Even 12th failed students can join the Navy if they have passed the 10th standard (matriculation exam). This entry scheme is called the Matric Recruit. The candidates will be given jobs as non-commissioned officers. But there is an age limit. The candidate should be 17-21 years of age. For more information, check this out – Indian Navy jobs after 12th.

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2 Jobs in Indian Army

Indian Army

Like Navy, 12th failed students can also join the Indian army if they have passed the 10th standard exams. There are recruitment ‘melas’ being organized in many towns and cities. The posts available are- general soldier and Soldier Tradesmen. There is an age limit too. The candidates must be 17.5-21 years for General Soldier and 17.5-23 years for Soldier Tradesmen. Once you join the army, you may appear for 12th standard exams and other degrees and get promotions based on your results. For more information,check this out – Indian Army jobs after 12th.

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3 Diploma CoursesDiploma

If you have failed 12th standard, but still have passed 10th standard, you may get admission in diploma engineering by using your 10th standard mark-sheet. After completing the diploma, you may also take up a degree in engineering. After finishing your diploma, you only have to attend 2 years of college to get a degree in engineering.

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4 PSC (Public Service Commission) exams

States of India

PSC exams are conducted by the various state Governments. These are government jobs. Candidates who have passed 10th standard are also recruited through competitive exams and are given jobs according to their qualifications. Check out the official sites of PSCs of different states.

5 Computer Courses


Number of courses are available for students who have passed 10th standard and are 12th failed. Some of the courses are- JAVA, Web Designing, Hardware Networking, Software developer and Tester, Animation etc. There are good institutes like NIIT that offers such courses. Just make sure that you join an institute approved by the government and with a good reputation.

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6 ITI (Industrial Training Institute)

ITI building

If you have passed 10th standard, you are eligible for admission in an ITI. ITIs provide technical training of subjects like electrician, fitting, plumbing etc. You can easily land jobs after completing courses in an ITI. You may also start your own small enterprises after completing the courses.

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Courses after 12th Arts

Courses after 12th Commerce

7 Other Courses

Hotel Chefs

There are other courses available for 12th fail and 10th passed students. Some of them are- event management, hotel management, fashion designing etc. Many private institutes offer these courses. Choose the institute which is approved by the Government.

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