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These days, the job market is so saturated that it is difficult to find a well rewarding job just after graduation. Even when it comes to professional courses like Engineering, the scenario is not rosy at all. Thanks to saturated job market and not so good economic conditions, landing a good job and keeping it has become a daunting task. This situation prevails in both developed and developing nations! What can be done to improve the situation? We can’t go around and try to improve world economy all by ourselves! But yeah, we can definitely add something extra to our graduation degree. By something extra, I mean an Industry oriented training program. In this article, I’ll list some specialized courses that Electrical Engineering graduates may pursue after completing their graduation program. These courses can also be done during final or pre-final year of Engineering.


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List of job oriented skill based courses to do after Electrical Engineering-

How useful are these Industry oriented courses?

When it comes to employers, they look for candidates who are ‘Industry ready’. Thanks to the recession, or the lessons taught by the recession, they are looking for candidates who can be recruited and who’ll directly fit in to their production/day to day processes, without any hassles.


Earlier, employers used to provide extensive training programs for their new recruits. This was done when they had plenty of financial and human resources at their disposal, which could be used for this training purpose.


But thanks to poor economic conditions, companies these days tend to cut this expense. And the best way to cut this expense for them is to recruit someone who doesn’t need much training.


When it comes to freshers who just graduated, employees very well know that the recruits will prove to be a ‘burden’ for some while. So, they either don’t hire them or if they hire, the remuneration will be low!


In such situations, undergoing Industry oriented courses is a good way to improve the chances of convincing companies that you won’t be a ‘burden’, that you will prove to be a valuable employee who will fit in directly without needing any training!


So yes, definitely, these courses certainly add some ‘weight’ to your CV! I highly recommend graduates to give such courses a look!


Specialization courses for Electrical Engineering graduates-

As promised, here are some areas where Electrical Engineering graduates may specialize-


#1 Plant lighting and Illumination design-

Well, you might have come across the basics of this field during your graduation program. But, specializing in it is another thing.


In this course, you will come across topics like- types of lighting fixtures, selection of lighting fixtures according to requirement, Indoor illumination, Outdoor illumination, Street lighting, Solar powered lighting solutions, lighting related software, automated lighting systems, cost estimation, lighting layout management etc.


In short, you will become an expert at installing lighting systems for Industries and businesses. The advantage of this course is that after completing it, you may open your own little venture, start a consultation service maybe!


#2 Electrical safety course-

Governments across the World now gives due importance to work place safety. As a result, work places are supposed to have a safety officer present all the time!


Electrical Engineering graduates may pursue this course and join the industry as a ‘Safety expert’. This course covers topics like- marking up of hazardous areas, implementing safety measures, educating staff about safety issues, giving training to equipment operators so that they may avoid dangerous situations etc.


There is huge demand for safety officers. And they are well paid too. So, it is safe to say that this course is a promising one!


#3 Course specializing in cables-

Cables are used in almost all types of heavy industries! It has become so important that it is treated as an area of specialization these days!


This course covers topics such as- introduction to power and control cables, cable sizing under different conditions, cable interconnection studies, cable sizing studies, cable installation and layout, cable tagging etc.


This is a post that is ‘in demand’ these days. Will be of help if you want to make it to the heavy manufacturing industries.


#4 Switch Yard designing courses-

You might have come across the basics of this field during graduation course. Specializing course will help you understand the topic in detail and help know even the minute details.


Covers topics such as- types of sub stations, drawing, planning and layout, earthing protection, equipments associated with sub-station installation etc.


#5 Plant Earthing course-

As the name suggests, this course deals with earthing, not normal one, but Industrial level earthing technology!


Course covers topics such as- types of earthing, earthing design based on industry requirements, ground electrode system, details regarding latest equipments associated with earthing, power supply system grounding etc.


#6 Equipment selection specialization-

Industries spend large amount of money purchasing heavy equipments. Before making such huge investments, they would like to know more about the equipment, like its- review, price, size requirement etc. For that, they hire equipment specialists who are good at purchasing the right equipment that suits their needs at the right price!


Course covers topics like- details regarding different types of electrical equipments, equipment protection, size requirement, installation process, after installation processes etc.


After this course, you may also start consultation service.


#7 Electrical design and load estimation course for plants-

Laying out an industrial plant is not an easy task. And laying out the electrical systems is even more difficult!


This course covers details like- rating of equipments like- motors, driven machines etc, power generation for plants, details regarding some commonly used electrical equipments, preparation of load schedule, power supply capacity, standby supply capacity, power transmission, distribution and utilization etc.


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These are some great courses that you may pursue after completing Electrical Engineering. As I mentioned before, one may go for these courses even during final or pre-final years of their graduation program. These courses are Industry oriented and will make you ‘Industry ready’. And such qualified people are highly valued by Companies around the World! Having these course mentioned in your CV will definitely add to its value!

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