Courses after 12th: 5 tips to select the best one

It is a clear fact that 12th standard is one of the most crucial and important phase in the life of a student, who has dreams to have a flourishing career. The importance of the decisions made at this stage is too big! The entire career of a student depends on the decision taken at this juncture of life. Here, I will share with students some tips to select the right path after 12th.

While selecting the best course, you must take into account some factors. It is these very factors that I will be writing in detail about, here. So, make sure that you read the whole post and take actions accordingly.


Things to consider while selecting the best course after 12th science

best course after 12th standard

#1 Measure your aptitude

First of all, let me make one thing clear. Knowing ones aptitude, area of interests and passion is the most important criteria. If you have no interest in MBBS and still want to go forward with it, then it is not something that I believe in. One must make it a point to pursue courses that one is genuinely interested in.

Aptitude is another important factor. If one is not capable of doing Engineering, things will get very difficult once the course starts. This should be avoided. I’m not saying that this situation can’t be avoided by working hard. But if aptitude of a candidate is too low, for pursuing a course, then other paths should be considered by him/her.

Aptitude can be evaluated by making use of various online aptitude tests, regular aptitude tests (for various courses), taking help of teachers etc. This, according to me is the most important step.


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#2 Job saturation of that course

These days, the number of Institutes offering professional courses is increasing each year. Thanks to new private Colleges popping up everywhere, the number of graduates in various courses and disciplines are increasing each year. Take for example Engineering. The number of Engineering graduates is increasing at an amazing rate!

Due to the rising number of graduates, who are job seekers, the job market just got more saturated. The number of vacancies is low, thanks to recession and its after effects. At the same time, the number of graduates is increasing. As a result of this phenomenon, number of graduate are forced to take up low paying jobs. Many of them are also left unemployed.

You may avoid this fate by doing some research and avoiding these highly saturated courses. If you just can’t do without a highly saturated course, follow the next step-


#3 Quality of the Institute

To an extent, the problem of a course being over saturated can be avoided by opting to pursue that course in a reputed institute. In such case, a candidate can land a good job thanks to campus placement. In case of most reputed colleges, campus placements and subsequent jobs are good paying ones. Also, the quality of education at such institutes is also high.

A good alternative is to study abroad, in reputed foreign universities and colleges. If it is engineering you want to pursue abroad, read this guide. If it is MBBS, then this guide can help you.

When analyzing the quality of an institute, take into account factors like campus placement ratio, quality of the faculty, quality of infrastructure, rank of the college in state/country etc.


#4 Work environment related to that course

Each course has a distinct career associated with it. In case of MBBS, it is a hectic life for a doctor. A civil engineer has to work at sites, in heat and rain. So, getting to know more about the work environment related to a course is a good idea. In some cases, a candidate might me just not equipped to face a certain work environment. The reasons may be many, for example physical inabilities, medical reasons like allergy etc.

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Making visit to an industry/workplace associated with a course will definitely help. Also, consulting a professional, who has done the same course that you are contemplating to do will also help. Take his/her help to know just what situations and conditions that you should be prepared to face once you take up a job.


#5 Think long term

Don’t just thing short term. I urge the students to think long term. Think and research about the job prospects. Check if there will be ample job prospects in the future also.

These are some very basic and important tips that 12th passed students should take note of. Make use of the suggestions and find a course that suits you best, one that will be rewarding in terms of career building.

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