Important qualities required to become a Commercial Pilot


In this article, I will cover details regarding qualities required to become a good Commercial Pilot. To become a Commercial Pilot, a good and decorated one, one must possess a set of traits. I will mention those important qualities in this article and describe about them.


A list of qualities/traits one must have in order to become a Commercial Pilot-

Qualities required to become a Commercial Pilot


1 Physical Fitness and Medical Standards as well as minimum educational qualifications

To become a Commercial Pilot, one must be Physically fit and must meet the Medical standards set by Aviation Authorities of their respective Country (DGCA in case of India). Examinations are held to gauge the Physical fitness and Medical standards of a candidate. It is only after passing these examinations that a candidate is declared fit to pursue Flight training!


Even after becoming a Commercial Pilot, one is required to maintain that level of Physical Fitness and Medical standards. For doing this, Discipline is required (point number 3 of this article).


Next comes Educational Qualifications. In India, the minimum qualification required to pursue Flight Training is completion of 12th Science stream schooling with Mathematics subject. Candidates must satisfy this minimum educational qualification criteria in order to pursue Flight training.


2 Aptitude to become a Pilot; Flying Instincts

They say that to become a good Pilot, some traits are required and people are born with these traits! Well, they can be developed through practice. But great Pilots are born with it in them!


These days, Flying Schools conduct a Pilot Aptitude test (suggested by the DGCA) to gauge the Flying ability of a candidate. This test enables them to check whether a candidate is genuine Pilot material or not. So, if you have got it in you, those instincts, things will be much easier!


3 Discipline

If you satisfy the above two points, then that’s not the end of it! You won’t necessarily become a Commercial Pilot! To become a Pilot, Discipline is required! You see, to stay Physically and Medically fit, one must control one’s lifestyle, eating habits etc. This can be done only if one is disciplined.


Even after becoming a Commercial Pilot, one must lead a disciplined life!


4 Quick thinking and decision making

A Pilot must be able to think well and make decisions quickly. Under testing conditions, quick thinking is what could save passengers and crew from a possible disaster! To become a Commercial Pilot, a candidate must possess this trait! During the Pilot Aptitude Test, this quality is gauged also!


5 Leadership Skills

When a crisis comes, a good Pilot will lead his team (Co Pilots and crew) and take crucial decisions to get themselves and passengers out of that mess. For this, leadership skills are necessary. During the Pilot Aptitude Test, leadership skills of the candidate are also gauged.


6 Communication Skills

A good Pilot is good at communicating with his/her Co-Pilots, cabin crew and the Technical staff stationed at ground. This skill comes handy during times of crisis. Good communication between crew, pilots and ground crew can solve many problems. Communication skills of a candidate are gauged during Pilot Aptitude Test as well as Interview.


7 Nerves of Steel

A Pilot is supposed to stay calm and collected all the time. Even during times of crisis, a Pilot must not panic and take rash decisions. He/she must try to be calm and take logical/best decisions. A Pilot must be prepared to deal and handle uncertainties well. They must react well to uncertain situations. In short, a candidate must have presence of mind and calmness. These traits are gauged during the Aptitude Test.


8 Desire to stay updated through continuous learning

Aviation is one such field that is evolving constantly. The duties of a Pilot differ a lot now, from what it used to be some 15-20 years ago. Candidates who wish to become Commercial Pilots must have this mindset of constantly updating their skills and knowledge, as per the latest Industry standards.


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There are other qualities too, which will make the process of becoming a Commercial Pilot easier for anyone. But the above mentioned traits are the most important ones. If you are interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot, do read the other useful articles mentioned in this post too.


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