How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Arts stream

How can Arts stream students become Commercial Pilots after 12th?

Compared to other careers, Aviation sector jobs are relatively higher paying ones (in terms of salary and perks). One of the highest paying careers in Aviation sector is that of a Commercial Pilot! Definitely, it is not easy to become a celebrated Commercial Pilot! But once you get in there, the career of a Commercial Pilot is very rewarding, financially. Can Arts stream students become Commercial Pilots? Can they undergo CPL training? In this article, I will answer the above mentioned questions. This article will be of use to Arts stream students, who want to become Commercial Pilots!



Passed 12th Arts stream? Check out ways in which you may become a Commercial Pilot!


To become a Commercial Pilot, one needs to undergo Flight Training and get a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence). Flight Training is being provided by Flying Schools. But to get admission in a Flying School, you must have some minimum educational qualifications.


The problem that Arts stream students will face-

As per the current rules, a candidate must have minimum educational qualification of 12th Science schooling with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from a Recognized Board. Also, they must clear a Pilot Aptitude Test conducted by the Flying School.


In case of Arts stream students, this criteria is not satisfied, since they are not Science stream schooled in 10+1 and 10+2 classes.


The solution that Arts stream students may use-

To get rid of the above mentioned problem, an arts stream student will have to pursue 10+2 Science stream schooling with PCM subjects again. He/she may either do it taking the help of Open Schooling platform like NIOS. He/she may also take help of State Boards, which offers students the opportunity to prepare and appear for Board examinations as Private Candidates!


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Using any one of the above mentioned method, an Arts stream student may pursue and complete Science stream schooling with the required subjects from a Recognized Board! He/she may then approach the Flying School, clear their Aptitude test, pass the Medical examination and then undergo Flight Training! After clocking the necessary Flight hours, one may get CPL and realize his/her dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot!

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