Climatology & Environmental studies: Good research scope in USA & UK

This article will be of help to research scholars who want to build a promising career in the R&D sector. When it comes to research and development sector, a large number of disciplines are available. The postdoctoral programme pursued by the candidate decides the area of research that he/she will undertake. Not all disciplines/areas of research have the same potential. Some disciplines have the potential to change our lifestyle in a significant manner. Some other disciplines are financially lucrative. In this article I have listed two areas of research, which have good scope and career prospects. At present, these areas of research are emerging fast and developing rapidly in places such as the USA, the UK and other European Nations. Research scholars who want to build a career in these countries may take note of these disciplines and build a rewarding career in the process!




1 Environmental Science

Environmental issues greatly influence the way we live and our health. Take global warming for instance. It has become a problem for mankind. Slowly, it is killing planet Earth! Climate change has been resulted due to global warming. In short, environmental issues influence us greatly! Problems like these have become challenges for us, challenges that we must overcome! That’s the reason why large amounts of money and workforce have been employed to conduct research related to environment and issues faced by it! Institutions and Universities in the USA and the UK are known to have excellent research programs related to this field. Postgraduate candidates from the disciplines of Agricultural Sciences, Biology, Environmental engineering etc may take up postdoctoral research program here.


Research or environmental issues can be said to be done in the following sub-disciplines-

  • Agricultural research
  • Non agricultural research
  • Biodiversity protection and management


The outcome of research programs taking place in these fields will affect policies related to agricultural production and agriculture in general. So far, acquiring land for agriculture and cultivating has negatively influenced the ecosystem. Many species have gone extinct and many of them have become endangered. The research is focused on restoring the balance of the ecosystem and provide habitat for the endangered species and to protect them.


Sustainable development is something that will emerge as the solution. Sustainable management of land and natural resources is the key to solve environmental issues. This will form an integral part of the research programs. Research scholars may take up jobs in Government agencies as well as environmental consultancies & NGOs.


2 Climatology

Climate change is a threat and challenge which mankind is facing right now. Global warming is a prime culprit. The temperature is increasing with each passing year and things are expected to become even worse in the future. Why is climate change so important to us? It is because of the fact that changes in climate affects us in more than one way! Climate change is badly affecting the following areas and sectors-


Just take a look at various natural calamities such as floods, unseasonal rains, heavy snowfall etc taking place in countries around the world. If we dig deep, climate change will emerge as the culprit. To tackle this situation, focus must be laid on research related to climate change. That is why climatology has emerged as a favourite and hot research topic in countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, India and other Asian countries.


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Much of the research is focused on ‘adaptation’. Yes, the way we adapt to the climate change. It is the best way to deal with the changing scenario. Study of current and future climate change, issues arising due to climate change, climate change’s social and economic connection etc are done to formulate adaption plans and policies.


Another key area of research is the agriculture sector. With climate change, farmers around the world are facing a new set of challenges, challenges that they are not used to. Some such problems are- depleting water resources, unseasonal rains, new crop diseases, pest invasion etc. Research keeping agriculture sector and climate change in mind is necessary.


Private and Government agencies as well as companies around the world are giving increased attention towards climate change. Under such circumstances, research scholars will be able to land well paying job at such Government and private agencies as well as NGOs! You may also check – MS in the USA.

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