Civil Engineering jobs in Gujarat to increase in number

Job prospects associated with a particular Engineering branch has to be given much importance to. Especially with the after effects of recession still reeling, it has become necessary to select branches that promises good job scope by the time one graduates. What about Civil Engineering? I’m talking about the job scene in Gujarat. Rest assured, the scene here is safe! Thanks to the Gujarat Government, there will be ample amount of jobs in this sector for graduates to bag!

Construction site

Civil Engineering graduates in Gujarat state can rejoice!

Recently, the Gujarat Government announced how it was planning to undertake mass developmental and other projects. They also revealed how under equipped they were, man power wise.

One of the key area, in which they require personnel is- Civil Engineer. They have given out an estimate which run into thousands of vacancies!

This is something to cheer about, especially for Civil Engineering graduates from Gujarat. These projects are estimated to last for more than 10 years! Some sources are speculating that the work will carry on for anywhere between 15-20 years!

So, taking that fact into consideration, it can be safely estimated that recruitment fares and tests for Civil Engineers will be conducted on a yearly basis.

Talking about the job in question, who among us wouldn’t want to bag a Government job? So, if you are a Civil Engineering student, Graduate or are planning to pursue Civil Engineering, you may do so without having to fear about job hunt!

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Not only the Government sector, the private sector is also expected to hire Civil Engineers heavily, with some Construction sector biggies eyeing Gujarat and investing here heavily. International MNCs are also said to be in the game!

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