How to change Engineering branch in GTU

A new Engineering academic session has started in Gujarat State. The admission process has been rounded up. All the mock rounds and reshuffling rounds have been completed. Still, there are many students who are looking to change their branches! Some of them even took to social media sites and took my suggestion. As always, I described them how to get their branches changed. In this article, I will just share the same steps that will help you change the branch of Engineering.

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How to change the branch of Engineering in GTU

Since all the online admission processes are over, there is no dedicated portal to offer any help these days. So, you have to take things into your own hand.

The first thing to do is to collect a list of GTU (Gujarat Technological University) Colleges, their contact information and seat availability details. Look around at Colleges, where you have scope of getting admission or you just missed out on.

The next step is to contact those Colleges and enquire if any seats are vacant in that College, in the branch that you want to pursue. If the response is positive, you may transfer your seat to their college. Since that seat would have been vacant anyway, the other college won’t demand any ‘Donation fee’ or extra fees to accept you.

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This same process can be done in your college too. Suppose you belong to Civil Engineering stream and you want to pursue Electrical Engineering, you can do so, if there is a seat vacant in Electrical Branch to accommodate you.

Also, if two students are mutually interested in each others’ branches, then they too may go for an exchange! This can take place if students are in the same college or are studying in different colleges.

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