Job opportunities after doing Foreign Language course in India

Language related courses have lots of potential. Yes, we all know that such courses help in landing full time office jobs. But at the same time, language courses also offer myriads of online job opportunities also. Especially for teenagers and College going students, such courses offer good part time job opportunities. In this article, I’ll show how one may pursue this course and take up part time jobs on internet.

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What are advantages of language learning courses?

Thanks to Globalization, business relations between different Countries have improved a lot. Thanks to this trend, businesses big and small are outsourcing work to workforce from altogether different country.


Looking from job opportunities’ point of view, such courses provide good full time job opportunities in Government and private sector. At the same time, it also offers excellent opportunities in part time job sector also.


Another interesting aspect is the availability of free course material. There are loads of sites and resources online, using which one may learn new languages for free.


For people who are on the move, there are awesome apps also, available for iOS as well as Android platforms, using which one may learn new languages while on the move. And the good thing is that many such apps provide free service.


But if it is a more thorough and professional training that you are interested in, there are many paid training courses available also! There are regular Diploma and certificate classroom programs. At the same time, there are also premium services available online and on apps too!


The course duration is also not too long. And training programs are quite flexible, timing wise! All these factors makes pursuing such courses a likeable prospect!


Part time job opportunities that Language courses offer-

As I mentioned above, such courses offer exciting regular job (full time job) opportunities. But since this post if focused on students and teenagers, I’ll be listing part time job opportunities only.


#1 One may get translation gigs online by freelancing

Thanks to globalization, businesses from one part of the World are more than willing to target people from another part of the world. Technology has made this task possible. But at the same time, still, factors like difference in language makes it slightly difficult for them to engage with audience belonging to a different Country and culture.


So, to target such audience, businesses big and small rely on translators to efficiently translate content. While big firms usually hire full time translators, small businesses, especially the ones dealing with sectors such as Digital marketing and online businesses are well known to rely on freelancers.


Small businesses are often not interested in hiring full time translators. So, they usually look out for translators offering freelance services online.


A good portion of them rely on Freelancing sites such as and Fiverr to hire translators. After completing the course, you may join such sites and start freelancing.


You may also start your own site, use it as a portfolio and promote your translation service online.


#2 It will help you land well paying data entry jobs

To be honest, data entry is not a well rewarding part time job. To start with, there are many bogus data entry gigs out there, which are outright fake ones! Then there are those legit ones, which pay paltry sum as remuneration.


But when it comes to data entry jobs that also require translation, the pay scale rises drastically. To an extent, one may say that such gigs are well rewarding, financially!


Such gigs involve going through large chunks of data in one language, translating it into another, and presenting it in the exact same format as the original one (but in new language as required). Obviously, this work is tougher, when compared to regular data entry jobs. But at the same time, such part time jobs pays well too!


#3 Virtual Assistant jobs

Virtual assistants are still in demand. At least small businesses still need them. While big firms can afford full time Assistants, small firms normally look out for Virtual Assistants when only required.


When dealing with audience and campaigns targeting other Countries, such businesses need translators, who are willing to act as Virtual Assistants.


And such work won’t require you to work full time. Usually, work has to be done only during the duration of the campaign only. And working hours are also quite flexible!


Before taking up one such job, please make sure that the timing suits your schedule also.


#4 Social media campaign manager roles

Brands and businesses these days want to make their Social Media presence felt. For this, they run extensive campaigns, giveaways, contests etc on Social Networking sites like Facebook. Also, they are willing to target Social Media users from other countries too.


Given that social media sites like Facebook are accessed and used by folks from around the World, language, sometimes hinders them from running certain campaigns, targeting audience from certain countries where English is not commonly used. Under such circumstances, they rely on translators to act as their social media managers operating in that particular country.


Suppose I have a Graphic Design business and rely on Facebook to get new clients via promoted posts and ads, it will be difficult for me to target crowd from Germany, who don’t understand English very well. Under such circumstances, I could make use of a translator who is well versed in English as well as German to help me run targeted campaigns. In short, I could make use of them as Social Media manager for that campaign!


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These are some well rewarding part time jobs that one may get after completing Language learning related course. The good thing is that students, for whom part time jobs are more suitable, may make use of these opportunities. Try to master languages that are ‘in demand’. For example, if German translators are in demand, go for that course. If you think that Swedish translators are in demand, you may go for that language too. Mastering multiple languages will give one an edge!


Apart from the above mentioned online jobs, one will also be able to find traditional jobs after completing Language learning course. Some such job types and sectors where one may find job are-

  • Translator at MNCs
  • Translator at Government Organizations and Offices
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management sector
  • Lecturer/Instructor at Schools & Colleges
  • Independent/Freelancing Translator
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