Career growth: The art of getting a promotion at work

Landing a decent job has become very difficult these days! Getting timely promotions after getting a job has become even more difficult! Getting promotions is very essential, when it comes to carer growth. Most of the times, promotions are not given to professionals by employers because they lack skills and ability. Other times, employers feel that the employee is too inexperienced to deserve a rise in position. How to tackle this problem? There are some solutions to this problem and you will be reading about them in this article.


Career Growth

Young professionals become frustrated and hopeless when they are not getting promotions and opportunities to climb up the career ladder. But young professionals must understand that age plays a huge role, when it comes to promotions! Too young and too old workers are the ones who end up suffering!


If you are too young, you must be patient. Your main aim should be to gain as much experience as possible! Instead of focusing on the length of the experience, focus on the quality of the experience. Try to accumulate variety of working experiences. If there is a project being undertaken by the company, which is to start from scratch, try to become a part of it. Working on a project that has to be started from scratch will help you gain a wide variety of experience!


After one project, take part in a project different from the previous one. If you take part in similar projects again and again, you will get the same kind of experience again and again. Going for another project will bring with it new challenges and new experience. In the long run, new experience will come handy and help you get that promotion that you have been waiting for (and you deserve!).


Professionals young and old must also try to keep their minds open. They must be willing to keep the learning process on. Gone are the days when just academic knowledge could help you build a rewarding career! The job market is dynamic these days. Technology is playing a much important role across all sectors. To stay competent and eligible for promotions, one must be up to date with latest technology and work trends, irrespective of their age!


Keep on gaining knowledge related to your business and Industry. Take part in skill development programs, seminars and workshops. Such events helps professionals in staying up to date with the recent advancements and developments taking place in their Industry.


Next comes performance. Always give your 100% while you are at work. Don’t just focus on your function/job. Try to understand the Industry and how it works. Try to understand how each section works. This will help you perform in such a way that not only will your area improve, but you will also be able to create a positive impact on other sections of your company also!


Helping others may seem tiresome and of no use at first. But in the long run, this activity will prove to be of help. Helping co-workers is not too easy, I admit that. I know very well that all your energy and attention is devoted towards executing your task perfectly. But try to find time and help out others. This will help you earn trust from your co-workers. Your reputation will increase. People will come to you, when they face a problem. People will start seeing you as a leader!


Under such circumstances, be resourceful. You may not be able to solve all the problems (yours and others’). But give it a try, help others. Be the leader! Companies value employees who have the quality of resourcefulness and leadership in them! These two qualities are the ones that will help one solve problems and come up with quick solutions. Employees possessing these qualities definitely deserve to take on a higher job post. Employers know this fact and ensure that the employee gets the post he deserves, through promotion!


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In short, gain experience (multiple ones), focus on the quality of the experience, not on the length or quality! Add knowledge and skills to your skill set, keep learning process a continuous one. Work on self improvement. Try to know more about your Industry/Company and work efficiently. Help others, lead, gain trust. Build your reputation and become a resourceful employee. Be a team player and inspire co-workers. With time, you will get that promotion that you truly deserve!

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