B.Sc. IT after 12th Commerce: Possibilities & limitations

Commerce stream students have been asking me questions about a technical course that they want to pursue after completing 12th standard. They want to know whether it is possible to pursue B.Sc. IT course after 12th Commerce. I cleared their doubts via mail. But since the number of queries has been going up, I decided to come up with a guide for them! In this article, you will be reading about the prospects associated with pursuing B.Sc. Information Technology after completing 12th commerce stream. You will be reading about limitations, requirements and alternative courses.




Is it possible to pursue B.Sc. IT after completing 12th Commerce stream schooling?

The answer would be yes! Though B.Sc. IT is treated as a Science stream course, many Colleges also are offering admission to Commerce stream students. But there are some conditions and limitations though. You will be reading about the limitations and conditions in the next section.


Limitations and conditions

In case of most Colleges offering admission to Commerce stream students (for B.Sc. IT program), they have an eligibility criteria. As per the criteria, the student must have had Mathematics and/or Computer subjects during 11th and 12th Commerce stream schooling! Students who satisfy this criteria may land a seat in such Colleges, when it comes to B.Sc. IT course.


Let me also tell that there are other Colleges too, which don’t go by this eligibility criteria. If you don’t satisfy the above condition, you may try your luck at such a College! You may also give alternative courses a try too (they are mentioned in the next section)!


The main limitation is that Commerce stream students won’t be able to get admission in top quality institutes for B.Sc. IT course. The top colleges’ seats will be filled up fast, based on merit marks of entrance examination (science stream) and board examination.


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Other courses available

Why go for B.Sc. IT when commerce stream students have good technical courses available in front of them? The best option available in front of Commerce stream students is B.Com. IT. Yes, B.Com. Information Technology is a course that focuses on IT field and has been made keeping Commerce stream students in mind. After completing B.Com. IT course, graduates may go for PG IT course- M.Sc. IT or M.Com. IT.

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