10th/12th Board Exams: Tips to score high in Maths

Board examinations are considered to be one of the most important test that a student has to face in his/her life. Be it 10th or 12th board exams, students and parents are always worried about their preparation for the exams. Mathematics, in particular, is a subject that many students dread about. Interestingly, Maths is one such subject that manages to fail a good proportion of students in board examinations, both 10th and 12th board. In this article, I’ll be providing some basic and fundamental tips to score well in Mathematics paper at the board exams.


10th and 12th board: Tips to score good marks in Maths exam-


1 It is all about practice-

When it comes to maths, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Try to grab as many practice books as possible and try to solve them all. In the process, you will come across doubts and difficulties, which you can solve by taking help of teachers. You may also check – KVPY tips.

By practice, one can build confidence and problem solving skills.

Mathematics book

2 Mugging up is of no help-

I see many students ‘mugging up’ maths problems’ solutions. I’ve also bee guilty of following this wrong idea.

Mathematics is all about ‘understanding’, not mugging up.


3 Have mastery over formulas-

In maths, while facing a question, it is formula that comes to your rescue. While solving a problem, if you can find the right formula that has to be applied, half of the problem is solved. You may also check – Courses after 12th.

Mastery over formulas comes only when your basics and fundamentals are clear. Also, constant revision is also required.


4 Solve previous years’ question papers-

This process will help you have your revision, boost confidence and go through the general blueprint of the paper. It will help you take on the main examination with increased confidence.


5 Give importance to ‘weighty’ chapters-

In maths paper, certain chapters carry more weight, in terms of marks. So, naturally, more time and effort has to be allotted towards the preparation and revision of those sections.


Group study helps too! If you are weak in mathematics, take help of your classmates who are strong in the subject. Form a group and solve mathematics problems together. You’ll feel more comfortable to ask questions in the group and get them solved.

6 Manage time well during the examination-

One thing that 10th and 12th board students complain about is how they are finding it hard to ‘finish’ the maths paper. They find it difficult to attempt all questions within the amount of time allotted.

This problem can be tackled by solving mock question papers. Also, don’t indulge in time wasting tactics during paper.


The best way to tackle a subject is by knowing it inside out. Don’t think that mathematics is a boring subject. Learn to love the subject. If you love what you do, things will not seem boring or tough anymore!


7 Solve doubts immediately-

While indulging in preparations, it is quite natural that you may come across number of doubts and difficulties. Make it a point to clear doubts as soon as possible.

You may take help of teachers or good friends. It is a good idea to indulge in serious group study sessions too.

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