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Hi readers! In this post, I’ve listed down some effective tips and tricks, which will help you prepare for your 11th and 12th class biology examination. If you want to pass biology exam with flying colors, this post will be of help to you.

Biology preparation tips

10th standard is an important point in a student’s life. It is after 10th board exam that he/she must think about the course of action for the next two or three years (Diploma, 11th and 12th schooling, vocational training etc).


The path they choose after 10th standard plays an important role in shaping their academic life, career and life! 11th and 12th class schooling is the most popular choice among 10th pass students in India.


This phase of schooling forms an integral part of their life! It is after completing this phase that they are allowed to pursue Bachelor’s Degree programs (such as – BA, B.Com., B.Tech., BBA etc).


11th and 12th class schooling is also known as PUC schooling. This phase can be broadly classified into three main streams – Arts, Commerce and Science. After completing 10th standard, PUC schooling aspirants select one of the above mentioned streams.


The subject we’re dealing with (in this post) – Biology – belongs to science stream. Science stream can be broadly classified into three groups – PCM (mathematics) group, PCB (biology) group and PCMB group.


P represents physics subject, C represents chemistry subject, B represents biology subject and M represents mathematics subject. Usually, medical education aspirants are the ones who opt for PCB group. You may also check – Physics preparation tips and Chemistry preparation tips.


Candidates interested in professional courses such as – MBBS, BDS, B.Sc. Nursing, BPT, BOT, B.Sc. Paramedical courses etc are known to select PCB group. This post has been crafted keeping their needs in mind!


The tips mentioned in this post are effective, proven and easy to implement. With discipline, dedication and a will to work hard, you won’t have much trouble implementing these tips and suggestions. And once you implement these tips religiously, you will be able to pass biology exam with flying colors!


Let us check out the tips now. Here it is –


Tips to prepare for 11th and 12th Biology exam


1 Use an effective learning method

Biology subject requires an adaptable learning technique. In order to excel in this subject, you must possess a versatile learning technique! What I’m trying to say is that – you should be good at memorizing things and understanding the basic concepts at the same time!


Many chapters in biology subject demands memorization of the content. If you are good at memorizing content, you will be able to deal with these sections smoothly. If you are not particularly good at memorizing content, you must dedicate ample amount of time towards preparing such sections.


At the end of the day, memorizing content alone won’t help you cross the lake! Biology subject also demands in-depth learning and deep-understanding of the concepts. This is why I insist that you must have versatile learning techniques.


2 Ask questions

This is the best way to deal with sections that demand in-depth learning. If you are having trouble understanding a section, read it out. Go through that section two to three times. Based on your observations, formulate questions pertaining to that section. Sit down and find answers to these questions. Posing questions and finding answers to it is the best way to learn new things!


3 Start studying from day one

Students must dedicate ample amount of time towards studies. Effective learning techniques also demand your quality time. In-depth learning requires concentrated effort and time! If time is so valuable, why waste it in the first place! I urge students to start studying biology (or any other subject) from day one! Don’t wait for the right moment (such as class tests or exams) to come around the corner. The best time to begin your preparation it today (right now!). So quit procrastinating and start studying! The earlier you begin, the more time you will have in your hands.


4 Prepare notes

While preparing biology subject, try to maintain a subject-specific notebook. This note must contain important portions of chapters. Why make and maintain such a note, you may ask. Notes will help you with revision of each chapter. A good note will contain all the important points present in each chapter.


5 Timetable

Create a good timetable. Craft it in such a way that ample amount of time is dedicated towards each subject (including biology). Balanced – this is what a good timetable must be like! It must have time for studies, rest, hobbies and exercise.


6 Revision

Without revision, your biology preparation won’t become complete! Proper revision is required to build a strong foundation. This strong foundation will help you tackle the exam efficiently. You may rely on your notes, paper sets and online paper banks to revise biology syllabus.


7 Coaching

If you feel that biology is too tough for you, try personal tuition or coaching classes. Extra coaching may make the difference and help you succeed in biology exam.


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8 Focus on high value sections/chapters

Is your biology exam around the corner? Are you running short on time? Do you want to prepare decently for biology exam within a short period of time? If yes, focus on high value sections of the syllabus. These are sections that carry a major chunk of marks. When it comes to marks distribution and weightage, these sections are very important.


If you are running short on time, you may focus on these sections and dedicate your time and energy towards preparing them. These sections will guarantee you passing marks (or even more) with relatively less effort. The best way to identify such high value sections is by having an in-depth analysis of the syllabus, observing blueprint of the paper and examining previous years’ question papers.

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