Best Unique Courses to do After 12th in India in 2022

We have already published articles like- top courses after 12th Science, courses after 12th Commerce and courses after 12th arts and courses to get government jobs easily etc. Here, we will see a list of unique courses. I call them unique, because they are chosen by very less number of students. Courses like Engineering, B Sc, B.Com etc are chosen by number of students. But the courses I’m about to talk about are less selected by students after 12th.

unique courses after 12th

Unique Ones!


But don’t think that these courses are useless! These courses offer a great opportunity to grow! There are good job prospects associated with them. So give this article a read.


# Fashion Designing

This course is related to designing clothes, apparels etc. Those who have creative abilities and are interested in fashion and designing should take this course.


# Performing Arts courses

Related to performance arts, theatre, music etc. Those who have a flair for theatre, acting and such arts can take up this course. A course taken by very less students, it offers diverse career opportunities.


# Courses offered by the Film Institute of India

I must admit that this institute is very popular and the courses have many takers. But the sad fact is that many students are unaware about the existence of these courses. I included it in this list to bring this fact to their attention. This institute offers courses related to directing, editing etc.


# Courses related to Yoga and Gym instructor

I’ve mentioned about these courses in some of my previous articles too. But I’m repeating them here again. The reason is that the opportunities in these fields are increasing each year. People are getting more and more concerned about health and fitness.


Various institutes offer diploma and certificate courses related to that of Gym and Yoga instructors. After completing the course, you may join a health care firm/gym or start your own venture. This career will earn you both money and health!


# Translator’s course

This course is suitable for those who are interested in learning new languages. After completing the course, graduates easily get job in MNCs and Government organizations. Graduates also have an option to do freelance work. This is a very rewarding profession.


According to me, these are the very best ‘unique’ courses available in India. I’ve mentioned about slightly ‘hatke’ courses in some of my previous posts too. Feel free to read them. Leave your valuable feedback in comment section.

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