Best STEM Majors & Colleges 2022: Ideal for High Paying Careers

Are you looking for the list of best STEM majors? Do you want to select a major which will help you build skills for jobs of the future? If yes, this post will be of help to you. Here, I’ve compiled a list of best STEM majors in 2022.

Best STEM Majors

STEM is one type of curriculum-based idea which helps students to learn in four specific fields like technology, science, mathematics, and engineering. It is vital because it includes our everyday lives. We deal these 4 stems in our daily lives like engineers do basic design related to bridge and roads whereas they also handle the global weather by providing an environment-friendly product. Math includes in every occupation and it requires in every transaction.


If students will follow STEM, then it helps them to aware of the concept and it brings them passion and they will be able to do a job in this field. STEM course includes real-life situation which helps every student to learn. If from now onward your child is learning about the STEM, then they will aware of the upcoming innovations and technologies. It provides complete theory and practical knowledge about STEM activities.


If your child will understand the advance technology and aware of the latest innovation, it creates interest and they just love to know about it. It helps them to create a good career in the future.


Why STEM is important?

In our present situation, technological and scientific innovation is increasing rapidly. And from these innovations, we will get lots of benefits and it also provides a knowledge-based economy. Students need to develop their capabilities because society is growing with high technology and information-based innovations.


As a career, people or students may choose this opportunity because it offers high paying job and satisfaction. This is a four-year degree course which helps you to get an incredible salary. STEM jobs do not require higher education or college degree. If you have a bachelor degree, you will be able to get this job. Basically, at entry-level, this profession offers more than 26% higher salary than normal any other job.


This course provides information about the world how they work to their students. The more students learn about the subjects and major STEM the more they are involving with this. If you are looking for a STEM field, then you will get challenging, exciting and fun career options. But still, some students are not interested in STEM studies before rejecting this course, check advantages for this course.


A report from the UK is showing, within 2022, the British will have to graduate 1, 00,000 STEM professionals for their students. There are some countries where STEM professional shortage is going on!


Benefits of choosing STEM

STEM education system assists to connect with the gender and ethnic gap found in science and math fields. The government has taken initiative to involve most of the minorities and women in STEM-related fields. In our society, we have traditional gender roles which break this course. STEM as an education and career must be a national priority to compete in a global economy. Every choice made uses a feature of STEM to appreciate the implications.


United States will constantly fall in world ranking if they will not improve STEM education. People should understand the global economy and its impacts and STEM courses. Every school should implement this program to generate awareness about the topic. Though, teachers will not carry all the burden of the STEM program. Parents also need to encourage their children to understand this program and act accordingly. It increases awareness about the society and students will understand the global situation.


This program offers a real-life experience which is not limited to the school premises. It showing to their students, how people will help society and how we make our world better.


1 It offers early starts

Most of the students doing their school and college but they don’t know what they will do! They don’t have any experience regarding any field. They are studying and giving an exam, taking marks and that’s all.


But the only study is not enough to get a successful career. If you want to succeed in your life, then you have to prepare yourself from a child. And for these parents plays an important role. From childhood onward, they have to aware of their child about the economy, status, and STEM. Through this program, they well aware of the global news and they will find out a subject which helps them in the future as a career.


As a career STEM offer several benefits. Most of the students don’t know about the advantages of working with STEM. Those who are working with this program, they are satisfied and happy as well. There is advancement available for this course.


This program brings careers which allow students to set a clear goal which offers high pay of salary and it offers more than 70% salary then national average salary scheme.


2 Check the statistics

STEM career is very demanding right now and as per statistic, it will grow more. This career is very promising and it creates frequently new technologies. After doing this course, the rate of unemployment is only 5.3% whereas it is close to same as non-stem workers.


And according to the US Bureau, in this field, the job opportunity is growing constantly and expecting it will increase more in the coming 5 years. After 1-2 years most of the jobs will require technical knowledge. So, if you have the technical knowledge, you will be able to grab any job easily.


3 Search online to know more details

You have to search online to know more details. It is one of the best platforms where you will find all the details. If you want to learn this STEM program or want to choose this program as a career, you have to take training, proper analysis and then you will be able to do so!


Just a click of the mouse, you will be able to visit any website that provides you complete information about the topic. It saves your valuable time. If you want to start your career with STEM, then you have to know about all things. Need proper training to understand everything.


4 STEM as a career option

STEM as a career very interesting and important as well. This program brings together the entire major subject like math, engineering, technology, and science. And it offers several benefits as well. This is one of the fast-growing and high paying job in the United States. But it does not stop here. It has several benefits, look the top benefits are –

  • It provides a high salary
  • It increases career growth and opportunities
  • This program will also satisfy
  • Judge and implement innovation for your society with the degree of STEM
  • This is completely flexible
  • It provides an opportunity to work in a diverse field
  • STEM provides high salary


If become a STEM professional, then you will get a good salary. After complete this course, any student will be able to get a high income. STEM graduates always able to get a high salary from any other field. And this salary will grow high and high and you will be able to get a good opportunity.


As per the American Engineering Association, non-stem engineers can get less than 87% salary then STEM graduates. Means STEM graduates can get up to 87% hike in their salary. STEM majors can earn more than STEM graduates. They have several years of experience in this field. If you don’t have a student loan, still, you will be able to get a good salaried job and better opportunity.


You may also check – GRE and SAT preparation.


5 STEM increases career growth

In the United States, STEM field is one of the growing career opportunities and demand for this course will increase day by day. After doing this course, you will be able to get a high pay job easily.


The US also designed a program which attracts foreign people for this purpose. Your job growth or career opportunity is depending on your specific qualifications. In the US, a total of approx 335,000 jobs available in this STEM field. Technology and Science both is increasing day by day. So, here, opportunities are generating.


The main fact the demand for talented STEM workers is increasing day by day. And this means, you don’t need to search for a job, you will get a high pay job instantly. After completing the course, you will get the job easily. This will remove the employment problem and you will be able to get good opportunity easily. Grab the best course now!


6 STEM careers are immensely satisfying

Once you earn a STEM degree, you will be able to get job satisfaction. It is very important for every employee who is working. Without job satisfaction, you are unable to improve your career growth. STEM majors are also offered a high level of job satisfaction. A report shows, 80% of mathematics majors are satisfied with their jobs.


If you compare with another field, 70% of English majors are satisfied with their jobs. There are several schools available that offer this program. You have to aware of the syllabus and other essential factor and then proceed. 4 out of the 10 jobs related to science, mathematics, operation and research analyst.


High level of job satisfaction is very important and it plays an important role as well. If you are looking for a career which offers fast-growing, high salary and satisfaction, STEM major is the best one for this.


7 Impact on society

If you want to make some differences with your career, then STEM degree is the best option for you. STEM workers are aware of medicine, computer technology, robotics, engineering, design, etc. You may get a chance to work with a team who are researching something new in the technology or medical field.


STEM majors can discover, innovate and provide a good impact on society so they are very satisfied with their job. It also creates every day exciting and interesting too. These workers are constantly able to learn something new.


8 STEM workers are flexible

There are some degrees available in our society which offers limited job opportunities. But if you will do STEM majors, it offers you wide flexibility in your job. Suppose, if you will do a degree in biological sciences, then you will be able to get a job in a research lab, biological field or pharmaceutical company. There are several STEM skills which are cross marketable. These skills can provide you a chance of getting different types of job opportunities.


9 Check the diversity

If you will study and work in a STEM field, it offers opportunities to interact and work in a diverse environment. In the United States today, STEM major classes and careers are among the most ethnically diverse. If you are a woman and looking for the best career opportunities, you should choose a STEM degree. They will also get a diverse environment for learning and working as well.


And this program will also provide you several job availability and opportunities as well. This will also provide you flexibility, high salary, continuous career growth, and job satisfaction. There are several benefits people will get if they will do this course.


List of Popular STEM majors 2022

If you will do STEM majors then you will get a successful career. These majors not only offer corresponding careers but it also provides a substantial income. It will also provide long term career.


Most popular STEM majors include –

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Nuclear Science & Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Actuarial Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Database Administration


1 Petroleum Engineering

This job will offer you $129,990 salary. It is one of the high pay jobs. Growth will increase by 10% every year. In the 21st century, energy is an important industry. And this industry is looking for STEM majors. Students will be able to learn about the engineering and design equipment and how to make your environment clean and safe.


2 Computer Engineering

This job will offer $111,730 approx. It has 3% per year in job growth. If you want to become a computer hardware engineer, then you may choose this STEM career. It is one of the highest-paying jobs. A hardware engineer will be able to make a wide variety of computer parts and equipment and analyze it. You will get good opportunities here.


3 Mathematics

As a STEM career Math plays an important role. It offers high paying job and satisfaction as well. If you have proficiency for calculus, algebra and other types of math, then this profession is just for you. Salary for this type of job is approx $111,110.


4 Aerospace Engineering

A student who is proficient in physics, math, and chemistry is the ideal person for aerospace engineering. During this course, all the students will use both class studies and field to understand science and structures. They will also be able to learn how to develop innovations. Here, you will get monthly $107,830.


5 Nuclear Science & Engineering

If you are doing a bachelor degree in nuclear science and engineering you may seat for this interview. And those who are doing masters and doctorates are reserved for this position. This is another best career opportunity where you will be able to earn lots of money. You will be able to get a salary of $102,950.


6 Software Development

A fresher software engineer can able to earn yearly $100,000. A STEM major professional can earn this much money easily. They will understand and analyze the market and demand and able to full fill as per company need. There are plenty of job opportunities available in the US market.


7 Chemical Engineering

It changes the chemical and biological. Chemical engineers can able to join any fields like fuels, drugs, and household chemicals and foods, and substances areas. They can join any manufacturing company for development. They will also able to work on safety issues. Salary will start from $97,360.


8 Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is one of the best which offer several benefits. It includes several career opportunities and major will analysis the market and provides results. It includes science and math. They also offer good payouts like $97,070. There are several vacancies also available in the US.


9 Electrical Engineering

An electrical engineering degree contains laboratory work, classroom studies, and field activities. There are several large and medium scale job opportunities in this field.


Top colleges for STEM Majors

In the US, there are few colleges available who offer STEM in their course. Now, here, we will provide you information about the top 12 colleges for STEM –


1 For Science

  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Pasadena, California
  • Harvard University: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Johns Hopkins University (Hopkins): Baltimore, Maryland


2 For Tech

  • Stanford University: Stanford, California
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech): Atlanta, Georgia
  • The University of Texas at Austin (UT): Austin, Texas


3 For Engineering

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • University of California, Berkeley (Cal): Berkeley, California
  • Harvey Mudd College: Claremont, California


4 For Math

  • Princeton University: Princeton, New Jersey
  • University of Chicago (UChicago): Chicago, Illinois
  • The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): Los Angeles, California
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