Best MBA programs and scholarships abroad for Indian students

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a 2 year course in India. But in case of many reputed Universities abroad, MBA is just a one year course, which involves much more value that the Indian version of the course! Such high value courses are provided by Universities in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden etc. So, looking at that factor, pursuing MBA abroad in this way seems a good option. Here, I’ll share with you some best MBA programs and Scholarships, which will be of good use to Indian aspirants.

MBA abroad

Advantages of doing MBA abroad


#1 Course duration advantage

First and foremost comes the time duration part. While it is not true in cases of many Universities, a good number of them also give students the option to pursue 1 year long MBA courses also. And it must be noted that the 1 year variant doesn’t compromise on the value and quality when compared to the 2 year variant of the course.


#2 International MBA has more value than most Indian MBA programs

I agree that an MBA Degree from the reputed IIMs and other reputed institutions have good value even on the Global stage. But sadly, the intake capacity of these premier institutes is very less. Also, the competition for these limited seats is sky high!

This scenario ensures that a vast majority of MBA aspirants have to compromise with mediocre quality private MBA Programs offered by Private institutions. The expenses such as tuition fee levied at such colleges is also high.

But, the value of such MBA Degrees is nothing, when it comes to the Global stage. It is an International Degree or a Degree from the reputed premier institutes of Indian that matters! So, in case one can’t make it to the premier institutes in India, taking admission abroad and bagging an International degree makes good sense!


#3 Value of the course if high

The trend these days in the Global job market is that the International MBA degree holders and eating into the job opportunities of Indian graduates! Businesses prefer to hire the best taught talent. They are well aware of the fact that in case of most Indian graduates, the course taught is not the latest and balanced one. But the case is different, when it comes to Universities abroad!

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Online MBA programs


In case of most foreign Universities, the MBA course taught there is balanced- the academics part and the real world practice part. The course incorporates in it the latest business practices, unlike the static Indian courses!


Best MBA programs and scholarships abroad for Indian students


#1 Five star rated 2 year course from Australia.


#2 MBA from top rated Universities from UK, while doing part time job at the same time.


#3 One year long MBA course from UK, also availing Scholarship.


#4 Fast track Business Programs from Canada. Duration varies from 6 months to 2 years.


#5 Triple Accreditation (ASBA, EQUIS, AACBS) MBA Degree from UK and New Zealand.


#6 Business Bachelors Program from good Universities in Japan. This course has 65% Scholarship and 95% placement guarantee.


#7 Tri Campus Bachelor Degree programs. These course are completed across campuses in different countries. First year in a good University in Singapore, second year from a University in Dubai and later part of the course in Australia.


Those were some well known and high value MBA programs. The good part is that most of them have good scholarships available for meritorious students. Before you take admission into any of the programs abroad, do make sure that you dig into details like University rank and expenses.

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