BCA Animation & Multimedia

Hi readers! In this post, we will have an in-depth analysis of BCA Animation and Multimedia course. Everything you need to know about this course – I’ve got it covered in this post.

BCA Animation Multimedia

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. It is a computer training and education program. It is an undergraduate level course. Students who have passed 12th standard are eligible to pursue this course. You may also check – list of animation courses.


BCA Animation and Multimedia is a specialization course. This program focuses on computer application as well as animation & multimedia. You may also check – BCA course.


In this post, you will find all the important details that you need to know about this course. Here, I’ve covered the following details – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, scope, fees, admission process, career prospects and more.


Here is a quick overview of BCA Animation and Multimedia course –

Name of the course BCA Animation and Multimedia
Type of course Bachelor’s Degree
Field Computer Science
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Completed 12th standard


What is this academic program all about? What is it like to pursue this course? Will I get a good job after completing this course? What is the course content like?


You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Here it is –


BCA Animation and Computer Application: An Introduction

This is a specialization program. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. In its traditional form, BCA is a computer education program.


The course deals with topics such as – computer application, IT, internet technology, programming etc. In short, it covers core subjects related to the field of computer application.


BCA Animation and Multimedia is a specialization program. This program covers both core computer application subjects and domain-specific subjects. The domain in this case is – animation & multimedia.


What is animation all about, you may ask. Here is everything you need to know about this domain –


In simple terms, Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change by rapidly displaying set of static images that minimally differ from each other. This technique can be used to bring characters to life and make it appear like they are in motion!


Traditionally, stop motion techniques have been used to create animation sequences. It involves photographing the subject one frame at a time and then displaying these images in rapid succession at high frames per second.


As an animator, you may make use of techniques like- 2D hand drawing, 2D Computer generated, 3D Computer generated, stop motion or model animation techniques to create animation sequences. The method depends on the specialization that you have (through training and courses).


If you are a creative person, this program will be of help to you. This course will help you build a decent career in animation & multimedia sector.


Animation industry is going through a phase of growth in India. Skilled animators are hired by media houses, film production houses, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, MNCs, tech firms etc.


This job market is still evolving and developing in India. In order to get a decent job, one must possess adequate amount of patience, skills and an impressive portfolio or projects/work.


At the end of the day, you should pursue this course only if you are passionate about drawing, sketching, animation, computers and arts (in general). Without the right attitude and set of skills, you won’t be able to make it big in this sector!


Let us take a closer look at this course. In the next section, you will find the following details – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, scope, fees and admission process.


Course details


Type of course

It is a Bachelor’s Degree course.



The course is three years long.


Eligibility criteria

Minimum educational qualification required to pursue this course is – passed 12th standard from a recognized board or equivalent qualification.



Here are some of the popular colleges offering this course in India –

  • KTU
  • GTU
  • RKU
  • GU


Admission process

Reputed institutes select deserving candidates through selection tests or interviews. Deserving candidates are selected on the basis of their performance in the test or interview. Some colleges are also known to carry out donation based and direct admission process.



Course fees depends upon factors such as – type of training institute, scholarship status of the candidate and course duration. Private colleges may charge anywhere between 25-100K INR per year for this course.



Here are some of the core subjects present in the curriculum –

  • Pre Production
  • Drawing and Composition
  • Digital Imaging
  • Basics of Colours
  • Basics of 2D Animation
  • Computer Animation
  • Advanced 2D Animation
  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Advanced Digital Graphics
  • Computer Application
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Work



Career prospects

After completing this course, you will be able to find work at places such as – animation studios, movie production firms, advertising agencies, MNCs, TV production firms, game developing firms, tech firms etc. In these places, you may don roles such as – animator, character designer, digital painter, modeller, editor, illustrator etc.

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