Number of Govt B.Arch. seats to increase in Maharashtra

B.Arch is a good professional course that one may pursue after 12th Science. It is a 5 years long course and offers decent job opportunities to graduates! But when it comes to Maharashtra State in India, the number of Government B.Arch seats is quite low! To be clear, there is just one Government Architecture College functioning in the state right now. But this scenario is set to change. Authorities are planning to start a new Government Architecture college. This is good news for B.Arch aspirants. A new Government Architecture College means increase in number of seats!



Present status of Architecture Colleges in Maharashtra

At present, there is just one Government Architecture College in Maharashtra state. There are more than 60 Private Architecture Colleges operating in the state though! Two of them are aided by the Government, but not fully run by it.


Details about the proposed Architecture College

As of now, nothing solid has been decided by the authorities about the Architecture College. Things are still in the planning stage. It is said that the decision to open a new Government Architecture College has been made to meet the demand for this course.


What next?

If this project manages to crawl beyond the planning phase and becomes a reality, it will be great news for B.Arch aspirants. Most Private Colleges provide good quality education, but they are too expensive! Also, Architecture Colleges are not evaluated and graded like Engineering Colleges. This has left some Private Institutes careless and has led to decrease in quality of staff and infrastructure in them!


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A new Government College will let students pursue B.Arch at relatively lower cost! Also, the authorities are planning to seriously evaluate and grade Architecture Colleges from this venture onward. Maybe this would improve the overall quality of Architecture Colleges in the state!

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