Aviation Industry: Career trends & prospects in 2016

Aviation sector is all set to generate more and more job opportunities in the coming years. Just after the recession, it looked as if the aviation bubble burst prematurely. But since then, slowly and steadily, this field has been climbing up. Let us take a look at some of the latest developments taking place in the field of aviation and how it will generate more job opportunities in the near future.



Aviation sector and its latest career trends-


Statistics and projections

Air travel is finding more and more takers! The number of air travel passengers is increasing with each passing year. Thanks to new private airlines coming up, air travel has become more economical and accessible to people. Even people from middle class socioeconomic level are also having easy access to air travel.


Number of air travel passenger is projected to grow by 5% for the next 15 years. At the same time cargo sector is projected to grow by 6% per year for the next 15 years. Looking at the above mentioned numbers, it is safe to say that aviation sector will become more and more popular among people. The demand for air travel will definitely rise. To meet the increased demand, airlines will have to boost the size and capacity of their services, something which will generate more job opportunities in this sector! Right now, at the time of writing this article, airline companies have already started increasing recruitment capacity and numbers! In fact this rise in aviation sector recruitment started 2 years before! And this trend is here to stay!


Intra-Asia-Pacific aviation market is the one to watch out for

Growth of aviation market will be a Global thing. It will take place around the World. Changes will take place relatively faster in case of developing countries. As per the International Air Transport Association, when it comes to passenger flights, Intra-Asia-Pacific aviation market will be the one to grab most of the growth!


Sustainable development to get more attention

With depleting fuel resources and rising fuel costs, sustainable development is something that the aviation sector will be taking up more seriously. On one hand, the rising demand for air travel has to be met. On the other hand, environmental and economic sustainability has to be taken care of. It will be interesting to watch how the aviation industry will be dealing with this challenging situation.


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Career trends and prospects

I mentioned above that aviation industry has lots of challenges waiting ahead. How well this industry tackles these challenges will depend on aviation professionals and their skills. Highly skilled and talented workforce will be needed to ensure the steady growth of aviation sector. New job opportunities will be created. More and more pilots, air hostesses and cabin crew will be needed by the aviation industry. Other than them, the sector will also need professionals to take on the following roles and responsibilities-

  • Air traffic management
  • Airport management
  • Weather forecasting
  • Aircraft design
  • Aircraft engineering
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Safety and security professionals
  • Research and development professionals


Aviation schools and Universities must also pitch in and create more aviation professionals to meet the rising demand. Universities must also take care of the graduates passing out each year. This can be done by updating present educational programs and introducing new undergraduate and postgraduate programs focusing on various sectors of aviation industry.

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